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Eugene J. LaFrance: Now Northampton has more to spend on liberal agenda

To the editor:

The mayor and the six liberal, left-wing, progressive socialists on the Northampton City Council have conned 57 percent of the registered voters in this city into voting in favor of a $2.5 million tax override.

Now, the city’s government has $2.5 million more each year to waste on its liberal progressive “entitlement” program.

Eugene J. LaFrance


Legacy Comments2

I think it's time to stop with the broad, loaded, abstract terms that define the words "socialist, liberals, and left wing". Everybody's opinion contains some evidence of "truth" or valid points, but each of those (and other terms) are always loaded with emotion, finite definitions, and connotations that imply very specific biases, images, and thoughts. People are dynamic in nature as are situations, so any use of "loaded" terms should be replaced with language that can define the specific issues without the loaded labels.

Yes.... Thank God for the liberal, left-wing, progressive socialists concept of public education. Viva La Revolucion....!

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