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Trying to understand the reasons behind gun ownership

To the editor:

Because I don’t personally know anyone who is opposed to a ban on automatic assault weapons, I’m writing this with the sincere hope that a Gazette reader who does oppose such a ban can help me to understand their reasons. If it’s simply a matter of principle (one’s right to bear arms), why does this right have to include assault weapons? Should civilians be allowed to possess other weapons of mass destruction such as bombs?

Assault weapons obviously have nothing to do with legal hunting, and it seems to me that if one feels the need to defend oneself against a home invasion, a pistol would do just as well. As I try to wrap my mind around why a civilian could possibly see the need for an assault weapon, I can imagine a collector who is really into guns of all types just to have around the house; but are there really such people who want to possess guns with no intention of ever using them?

In that case, why would they need to possess ammo? The only other scenario I could come up with is someone who imagines they might be part of some uprising against our local police or the government. How and why do you imagine such a scenario would unfold? Who exactly do you imagine you would be shooting? Your neighbors?

To anyone in the Valley who defends the right to own assault weapons, are you actually prepared to mow down dozens of people in a matter of seconds? Please help me to understand your thinking.

Molly Hale


Legacy Comments2

continued. It's doesn't really matter how we might imagine it could happen. It is the reason our forefathers put it there. The fact that it can happen again, has and is happening across the globe. This is what separates citizens from subject. After that, I strongly recommend reading "The Thousand Year Leap" It gives a very good perspective on what our forefathers envisioned for us and the reasons they put the safeguards in that they did.

Anybody that has this question needs to do three things. Everything after those is optional but highly recommended for those that love your country and enjoy the freedoms that we possess. 1) Step back and try to remove the emotional reaction. 2) Read the history of the revolutionary war and the reasons behind it. 3) Re-read the Constitution and amendments. The 2nd Amendment is NOT for hunting. Our system is made up of checks and balances. The 2A is one of the checks that keeps the Gov't in check.

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