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John Ortiz: Amazed that Obama gets away with everything

To the editor:

So we have a government shutdown and it’s the Republicans’ fault?

Last I checked it was Obama and the Democrats in charge. How does he get away with this? For the last five years, anytime something goes wrong our president and his administration manage to blame someone else.

Four dead in Benghazi? Blame a video.

NSA scandal? IRS scandal? Secret service scandal? Blame the Republicans. Blame the tea party. Blame America. Blame racism. It’s amazing. And of course our lovely mainstream media are never interested in holding him, or his administration, accountable for anything.

It’s so nice being a Democrat politician. You’re always treated like a child and never held accountable for your actions. Bush was responsible for everything. Obama is responsible for nothing, unless it goes well.

I’ll probably be called a racist for even questioning him. Oh well.

John Ortiz


Legacy Comments2

Also, are you "John Ortiz" or "Jon Ortiz"? I find it odd that you would spell your name differently in different letters.

I don't think you're a racist, Mr. Ortiz. It seems to me that you are probably willfully misinformed, whiney, disingenuous, bitter, unoriginal, inarticulate, sheeplike, lemminglike, stuck on canned talking points, ignorant of how the division of powers in our government works, and ignorant of where the current shutdown issue originated. But none of these things necessarily makes you a racist. But pointing that out probably makes me an elitist narcissist or something. Ain't the First Amendment grand?

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