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Maggie Mahoney: Cross-country team member disgusted by dog piles

To the editor:

As a member of the Northampton High School cross-country team and one of the co-captains, I wish to extend my heartfelt sympathy to the Rev. Bullitt-Jonas for the horrific injury she suffered as a result of an unleashed dog. While many members of our team own and love dogs (myself included), most of us have had similar interactions with unleashed dogs while running in this same area.

We are fortunate to have a great cross-country course to race and train on in the area near the community gardens, but it is really gross to try and dodge the piles dogs and their owners leave behind.

Northampton does have a leash law and owners are required to clean up after their dogs. Dog owners, runners/walkers and city officials must work together to ensure a safe shared space for all.

Maggie Mahoney


Legacy Comments3

I’m really amazed by some dog owners arrogance. I wouldn’t dare leave my dogs’ crap on a front lawn, so why do they think it’s OK to leave it on a public trail?

I too have been threatened by barking dogs ("oh, he's harmless," say the owners 100 yards away) and unhappy about the dog poop. There are plenty of nice responsible people with leashed dogs and poop collection bags, but the few who think everyone should just know how lovable their barking jumping muddy dog is and think poop is biodegradable (after several weeks) so they can leave it, those few ruin it for everyone. I now walk with a big stick. Beware of humans, you dogs. (but I have no solution for the poop.) Thanks for the letter

Spot on!

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