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Dori Digenti: Support the county’s gun-buyback program

To the editor:

“Active shooter,” “incident command,” “survival mind-set,” and “tabletop simulation,” — these are the meetings I attend. No, I am not a police officer, I am a college administrator. Why do these topics compete with conversations about our core educational mission — student grades, new courses, career options, financial support? It’s the guns.

While we can seek the root causes of the epidemic of dramatic gun massacres, family shootings and suicides, we can no longer justify the sheer proliferation of guns and the correlation with shooting deaths in our society.

A deadlocked Congress cannot move this situation, but we the citizens can. Support anti-gun-violence efforts in any way you can. On Oct. 5, there will be the first gun buy-back in Hampshire County, sponsored by the Northwestern district attorney’s office, Moms Demand Action and others. Please support this effort (northwesternda.org/event/gun-buyback).

It is up to us to create the peaceful and safe society we desire for ourselves and our children.

Dori Digenti


Legacy Comments1

Hahaha! Does anyone really believe that criminals, who make there living, well, breaking the law, are going to turn in their firearms at a "gun buyback" program? Surveys have shown that the overwhelming majority of firearms turned into "gun buyback" programs don't even work to begin with. And, contrary to what this "educator" has to say, yes the lawful purchasing of firearms has skyrocketed since Obama has been President, at the same time firearms related crimes have plunged nearly off the chart. Every state that makes it easier for lawful citizens to purchase, and carry concealed, firearms has seen violent crimes in that same state drop dramatically. Yes, people can be "educated," but that has no correlation to common sense or translate to a willingness to learn more about a subject before opening their mouth.

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