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Noreen Beebe: Gazette columnist misjudges pro-life ideology

To the editor:

I am writing in response to John Sheirer’s column, “New challenge for abortion rights,” Gazette, Sept. 9).

Sheirer believes there are too many restrictions on abortion. I know there aren’t enough. With all restrictions there are exceptions, such as the health of the mother. The methods used for abortion are painful to the baby. Thankfully we put an end to partial birth abortion.

Sheirer thinks all pro-life people have the same ideology. We don’t. Some are for abstinence only, some are for birth control pills and some for condoms. Abstinence is ideal and condoms save lives.

Sheirer states if abortions are made illegal we will have back-alley abortions and that abortion laws are based on morality. Most laws are moral laws and back-alley abortions are on Main Street today. Just look at the Gosnel case. There are many Gosnels. Women die and mistakes are made, young girls go home and bleed to death because their parents didn’t know.

We need restrictions on abortions and the clinics where they are performed. Why is it immoral to kill outside the womb but not immoral to do so inside the womb?

Individual rights do not prevail over the right to life for another.

Noreen Beebe



John Sheirer: The new challenge of abortion rights

Sunday, September 8, 2013

NORTHAMPTON — Republican-controlled state legislatures across the country have been proposing restrictions on abortion at an astonishing rate since the 2010 elections, even accelerating their anti-choice efforts during the recent summer months. Texas Gov. Rick Perry called two special legislative sessions specifically to ram through anti-choice legislation. Ohio Republicans attached 11th-hour anti-choice laws to the state budget in order to …

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