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Mordechai Kamel: Zimmerman verdict guest columnist clearly a racist

To the editor:

In your guest column by Gregory Clay today, entitled “Zimmerman jury delivered correct verdict” what did we learn?

Mr. Clay is a racist willing to ignore the racism of the Sanford police, the racist insanity of the “stand your ground” law which was at the root of George Zimmerman’s actions, the judges instruction to the jury and, according to the verbose juror, the jury’s deliberation.

Mr. Clay is a racist willing to ignore the fact that the prosecutor who only a year ago personally prosecuted and demanded a maximum penalty for a black woman who claimed that she was being attacked and fired her gun into the ceiling in self-defense, but who couldn’t be bothered getting involved in the case of a black child killed by a white man who had profiled him!

Mr. Clay is a racist willing to equate a mediocre prosecution with a “hell of a defense.”

Mr. Clay is a racist willing to grant George Zimmerman a right to profile which the Supreme Court has stated is not available to police officers.

Mr. Clay is a racist willing to use the horror of black on black crime based in the poverty of the ghetto to excuse Mr. Zimmerman’s killing of an unarmed 17-year-old child based on racial profiling. I would remind Mr. Clay that the vast majority of killing in this country in which whites are the victim are perpetrated by whites.

You should be ashamed of yourself for publishing such blatantly racist garbage.

Mordechai Kamel


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