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Donald Torrey: Gabriel Gomez less likely to raise our taxes as senator

To the editor:

I find little difference between the two candidates for the Senate seat other than that Edward Markey has a proven track record when it comes to raising taxes. He has voted 271 times to raise taxes and as far as I can tell he never voted to lower taxes.

Gabriel Gomez is an unknown in this area, but I can’t imagine he would aspire to match Markey’s unrivaled accomplishment.

Markey is apparently seeking the vote from the portion of the state’s voters who don’t pay taxes. I pay taxes and have no desire to pay more when 47 percent of the voters feel their fair share is zero and obviously fall for the line that the rich aren’t paying their fair share. It appears a vote for Markey is a guaranteed vote for higher taxes and a vote for Gomez may at least offer a chance of doing less harm to the state’s taxpayer population.

I will be voting for Gomez clearly the lesser of the two evils.

Donald Torrey


Legacy Comments1

Love this.... trying to get folks in this state to see this is very hard. Markey has an unremarkable record in the house. I doubt he would do anything other than vote party lines in the Senate. Translation, higher taxes for folks who pay taxes, expansion of social programs that lower the standard of living for all and help no one forward themselves but make them depend on Government.

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