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Donald Joralemon: A SEAL’s skills not suited to public office

To the editor:

Gabriel Gomez, Republican candidate for Senate, repeatedly cites his years as a Navy SEAL as his key qualification for office. A SEAL learns to obey without question orders from superiors and to expect the same from those of lower rank, to identify and kill enemy targets and to operate in units that are effectively men-only.

We may applaud his military service, but these are not talents suitable to the role of a senator, who is expected to listen and reflect, to negotiate and compromise and to treat women as equals. The talents he brings to the table would exacerbate the dysfunction in Washington that Gomez bemoans, which is, in any case, largely the result of obstruction from his party.

Gomez is not qualified for the position he seeks.

Donald Joralemon


Legacy Comments1

So what you are saying is that because he served with an all male team he is incapable of working with women? That is a ridiculous generalization. He has learned only to obey orders? Do you realize that what makes the SEALs different is that while they do function as a team they also act independently. Their lives and the lives of their men are often dependent upon quick thinking and independent actions. This is a disgusting attempt to denigrate military service. Why not look at what Gomez actually SAYS and DOES rather than make an absurd commentary about how he isn't qualified.

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