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On gun deaths, numbers speak for themselves

To the editor:

If you are concerned about gun deaths in our country and you should be, look at two major nations, the U.S.A. and Japan. In 2011 Japan had 128 million people and 11 gun murders. The U.S. with 270 million people had 11,000 gun deaths that year. Need I say more?

The numbers clearly show we need to deal with guns in the U.S. Let hunters have their rifles, but we must be strict about the sellers and purchasers following rules now on the books. We can allow one handgun per family for protection for those who want one. Again follow the current rules on purchases.

I see no reason for gun ownership other than these, except for police and military. We could also have a strict prison term of say 10 years for anyone found possessing guns illegally. This would deter most people and send others to jail. We must strictly enforce our present law on background checks, when a gun is purchased.

Finally the Second Amendment was put in the Constitution to arm civilians at the time against the invasion from England, when they were going to try to recapture the colonies. We had no great military at the time. We do now, so widespread ownership of guns is unnecessary.

Again please consider the numbers I stated and think about it, whether you are a member of the NRA or anti-gun, as I am. The Connecticut disaster should make everyone act toward strict gun control. It was so horrifying.

Ralph Craig


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