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Andy Morris-Friedman: Time for adulterers to come out of closet

To the editor:

America is undergoing a profound cultural shift concerning people’s belief about marriage. These changing attitudes are personified by the recent political victory of the formerly disgraced ex-governor of South Carolina, and now congressman, Mark Sanford. Because of the actions of this brave man, America is altering its attitude about adultery.

First some background. Experts estimate that up to 40 percent of men cheat in America, the rest go to other countries like Argentina. Many of America’s greatest leaders were committed adulterers but always in secret. Now adultery is the new family value. It’s true that Democrats still discriminate by demanding that adulterers resign in disgrace.

But Republicans have a more progressive approach. Perhaps that’s because Republicans personally know more adulterers, it makes them more compassionate conservatives.

Other people hate adultery on moral grounds. But if you think it’s wrong to have a marital affair, then don’t have one. Feminists complain that men have a higher adultery rate then women. But I’m sure that we can get a government grant to give woman equal opportunity as adulterers and it shouldn’t be too hard to get men to volunteer. But I digress. It’s time for adultery to come out of the closet. Even with the election of U.S. Rep. Mark Sanford, we still have a long way to go before infidelity is accepted by everyone as a basic human right. But someday people will judge “Extra-marital Americans” not on the validity of their vows, but on their contrition once they’re caught. On that day, the same freedoms that infants have in infancy, adults will have in adultery.

Note: The author has never been an adulterer himself, but mostly because no one will have him.

Andy Morris-Friedman

Legacy Comments2

Oh those duplicitous Republicans. I am so glad that Democrats like Anthony Weiner, Eliot Spitzer, the late Ted Kennedy, and of course that paragon of virtue and rolemodel of fidelity President Bill Clinton, were able to take the moral highground, and never succumbed to temptation. It's refreshing to read a letter to the editor composed with supporting facts and figures.

Hmmmm. June first will be our 45th wedding anniversary. You have given me something to contemplate. It's that feminist angle that has me wondering about my obligation to the cause of equality.

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