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Mideast a hub in a dangerous world

To the editor:

I am familiar with the views expressed in a letter published Sept. 29-30. They are ones I grew up with. As an adult, I have had to develop a sense of reality that is more nuanced and complex. I allege a tragic situation of the Israeli state. Its religious fulfillment is a benefit, but Israel has to exist because of a quarrel with post-Christian Europe, where Hitler killed Jews for being Jewish.

Hitler also killed Slavs for being Slavs.

As I see it, the Zionist dispute is essentially with western anti-Semitism. It is secondarily a conflict with Palestinians, where it arises out of taking from Palestinians things that, with merit, Palestinians could view as theirs.

Where Jews require a place in which to be together and safe, I can appreciate an Arab view that it would be better to find a place for Israel that doesn’t already belong to other people.

A lot of love has gone into building the Zionist state. It may be said, as well, that the currency of Israel’s survival is fear and guilt. Israel may hold out until Armageddon; in my judgment, the present situation is not sustainable long-term.

The letter-writer said he is afraid of a nuclear Iran. Iran couldn’t nuke Tel Aviv without killing their putative allies as well.

It is a dangerous world we live in. Perhaps it is better not to up the ante, but to look for ways to make the world more safe.

Mary Hall

South Hadley

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