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David Duseau: Why no conservative profs in ivory towers?

Close up of a graduation cap and a certificate with a ribbon

Close up of a graduation cap and a certificate with a ribbon

To the editor:

In response to the recent letter by a University of Massachusetts professor regarding the Supreme Court’s ruling on campaign finance, I would appreciate his assistance in directing me to the clause in the Constitution that defines free speech as “only what liberal college professors have to say in one-sided, liberal-biased, half-truths to young and impressionable minds.”

I know a young woman graduating from a local university who, when asked, could not name a single conservative professor at her school.

Four years of study at one of the most prestigious schools in America, and not a single conservative professor to offer an opposing point of view? It seems to me we need affirmative action in hiring at American institutes of higher learning, for this is clearly discrimination.

Don’t be fooled by the UMass professor and his neo-lib radical left-wing friends, the national press, the local liberal newspapers (if the Gazette wants to remind readers of all its political endorsements and associated party affiliations that go with those endorsements, since the paper started endorsing, that would be welcomed) or entertainment folks crying crocodile tears over the Supreme Court ruling, what they’re really angry about is that because of this ruling, they have competition in the mind manipulation game, and they hate having to share the propaganda machine with mere mortals.

David Duseau


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I loved this letter! How did Mr. Duseau boot up the floppydisk it was saved on in 1993, and then find a printer that could still print it out? Good work—shows some real perseverance! Oh, by the way, "neo lib" means Reaganomics, you know? That's the one part of the letter that shows it age—government is the prob, so the neo lib solution is to deregulate, privatise and let monopolies take over.

David, We know there is diversity when the liberals say there is diversity. We know when we are inclusive when the liberals say we are inclusive. We know when we are green when the liberals say we are green. We know we are united when the liberals say we are united. We know there is global warming/climate change when the liberals tell us there is climate change. We know there shouldn't be any guns when the liberals tell us there shouldn't be any guns. We know there should only be liberal professors in colleges and universities when they say it should be this way. They're always right, and we should all be like them. Silly for thinking any different.

Isn't it enough for you that conservatives dominate the house of representatives, the supreme court and the republican party? Despite the fact that 'Liberal' professors have always been part of higher education, colleges and universities keep matriculating conservative graduates. I wouldn't lose too much sleep over this.

Right on David, Pascual seems upset, has to get their point of view everytime someone says something

Upset? Goodness, no! Duseau delivered a beautiful piece of comedy on an otherwise pretty boring afternoon. "Every time someone says something." I feel like there was probably more to that sentence. But brevity is wit, I suppose. Right on.

I will answer that question. 1. The prolonged abandonment of conservatives from education at every level. 2. The purging of conservatives from the ranks of education at every level. 3. The of constant and pervasive criticisms of education by conservatives making life for conservatives in education more difficult by hostile backlash. I agree with the overall import here. Conservatives must return to education. The results of our departure have been devastating.

"I know a young woman graduating from a local university who, when asked, could not name a single conservative professor at her school." I graduated from college and couldn't name a single faculty member in the astrophysics department or business school, but I'm pretty sure that they were there. "Neo Liberal" and "radical left wing" do not go together. Or maybe "neo lib" is a new term. Hmmm. "(Sharing) the propaganda machine with mere mortals." True, billionaire donors probably can't buy immortality and are, in effect, mere mortals. Mere mortals with enough money to exercise a disproportionate influence on the political process. However, I think that college professors also die, though maybe they just fade away like Jedis. Or is this reference to "mere mortals" to the fact that you consider the college professors to be some kind of elite. Did it ever occur to you that the big-money donors that are benefitting from the lack of campaign finance controls are probably even more disdainful of the working people who have swallowed the Fox News brainwashing than elitist professors are? Or do you regularly socialize with millionaire donors?

Sorry, I can't pass up this other little gem: "Don’t be fooled by the UMass professor and his neo-lib radical left-wing friends, the national press, the local liberal newspaper." So what's left? Is it something "fair and balanced" that starts with an "F" and ends with an "X"? Who seems more delusional to you? The people who form opinions based on academic opinions, national media, and local media? Or the people who cling slavishly to the small series of media outlets that tells them exactly what they want to hear?

Congratulations David you managed to tell the truth that most people in Northampton refuse to believe. With all the so called highly educated people in this area it is amazing how many of them are so easily led.

You're so right. Everything will be fine when we stop "being led" by anyone who has big fancy credentials that say that they know something about stuff. Because, really, how do you really become an expert on anything? Lies, I tell ya, dirty lib'ral lies! I've decided to diversify my investment portfolio, and I'm doing it by asking random people on the sidewalk what they think is a safe bet. I also have a toothache, but who needs a dentist! I know how pliers work, and I'll be darned if I let some fancy guy in a so-called sterile office charge me hundreds of dollars just because he thinks he knows more about my teeth than I do.

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