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David Fine of Amherst recently completed a 14-day expedition in the Teton Valley, Lander, Wyo., with the National Outdoor Leadership School. David graduated from his NOLS course prepared to lead an expedition of his own. The course equipped students with the outdoor skills to safely and responsibly travel in the backcountry, coupled with the leadership skills to do so with others.


Tyler Greeley of Belchertown has been named to the fall semester dean’s list at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savanna, Ga.

Alexander Kump of Belchertown was selected to serve as a LEEP Project Pioneer (Liberal Education and Effective Practice), a model of education that combines a robust liberal arts curriculum with life-changing world and workplace experiences at Clark University, Worcester. Kump worked in the Comedy Development Department at CBS in Los Angeles this summer. His responsibilities included general clerical work, reading and analyzing scripts, and learning how to write coverage for scripts. Kump had the opportunity to sit in on pitches, tour studio lots, and to see run-throughs of shows in development. Kump is a member of the class of 2013 and is majoring in theater arts with a minor in screen studies. He is on the E-Board of the Clark University Players Society. In 2011, he earned second place in the Loring Holmes and Ruth Dodd Drama Contest, a writing contest sponsored by Clark’s English Department; this year he took first place.

Kump is a 2009 graduate of Pioneer Valley Performing Arts Public Charter School in South Hadley.


Leela Riesz, the daughter of Gabriela Riesz of Florence, took part in “4 Dead in Ohio: Antigone at Kent State,” a theater department production, held Nov. 15-18 in Tansill Theater at Connecticut College in New London.

The performance, an adaptation of Sophocles’ “Antigone,” was a collective creation by an ensemble of eight students that grappled with the incident at Kent State University in 1970, in which four students, while protesting against the Vietnam War, were shot and killed by the National Guard.

Riesz performed as part of the ensemble cast in the production. Riesz is a 2012 graduate of Northampton High School.


Michael Konarski of Haydenville was recently named a recipient of the Skookum Award, an honor presented by Western New England University’s Alumni Association, Springfield. The Skookum is awarded to students who have demonstrated a commitment to excellence in all their endeavors: academics, co-curricular activities, sports and community service. Majoring in management and leadership with a minor in psychology, Konarski has served as a member of Class Council during his freshman and sophomore year. He has been a peer advisor since 2009 and was chosen to join the Steering Committee this year. In addition, Konarski has been a first-year seminar assistant, academic progress monitor and open house associate. He is an active member of One in Four, an all-male organization bringing awareness and educating peers of sexual assault prevention on campus, and has served as president of the club since 2010. In addition, Konarski is a member of the Omicron Delta Kappa and Mortar Board honor societies and is an active volunteer with Children’s Study Home in Springfield. As a junior, he participated in Alternative Spring Break, traveling to New Hampshire to work with mentally and physically disabled teenagers.

South Hadley

Navy Seaman Apprentice Justin A. Joslin, son of Nancy P. Belisle of South Hadley, was recently promoted to his current rank upon graduation from recruit training at Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes, Ill. Joslin received the early promotion for outstanding performance during all phases of the training cycle, which included classroom study and practical instruction on naval customs, first aid, firefighting, water safety and survival, and shipboard and aircraft safety. Joslin is a 2011 graduate of Chicopee Comprehensive High School.

Northampton High School

The following people were named to the first quarter honor roll at the Northampton school: Grade 9


Alexis Alicea, Emma Almanzar, Liam Anderson, Samuel Ansaldo, Shasta Aubuchon-Kenefick, Daniel Averill, Devon Barry, Lucien Baskin, David Beebe, Hannah Belanger, Sarah Bloomgarden, Luke Bosco, Antonio Campedelli, Sheila Carpenter, lexander Carson, Taylor Cassidy, Cody Cleveland, Shannon Collins, Sam Daniel, Sachel Davis-Delano, Erica Dean, Jonathan Decker, Hector Dejesus, Charles Denhart, Jacob Desgres, John Dibartolo, Matthew Dibrindisi, Zachary Dietz, Jeremy Doele, James Durfer, Sarah Etzel, Alexis Farrington, Gabriel Feldman-Schwartz, Lucas Ferrer, Hannah Finn-Erb, Liam Flynn, Isabella Forman, Shomari Francis, Phoebe Gelbard, Ryan Gerwe, Grace Goodwin-Boyd, Miriam Gorra, Samantha Gregoire, Nicholas Grimaldi, Ryan Guild, Bridget Harrington, Emma Hempstead, Colin Hodgson, Cade Holden, Timothy Horton, Alice Hough, Jasmin Jimenez, Nathaniel Jones, Stephanie Jordan, Olivia Kan-Sperling, Hannah Kmetz, Julian Laird, Emma Landsman, Bryce Laplante, Riley Lathrop, Danielle Laureano, Jared Lavalle, Tori Laverdiere, Samantha Leahan, Isabella Lederman, Georgie Lellman, Zachary Levitt, Noel Lienert, Abigail Luddy-Dunn, Liam Maginnis, Duncan Malone, Maya Martin-Gonzalez, Ella Marvin, Kiana Matakanski, Jarrod Mayer, Jason McGrath, Sophia Melcher, Hanna-Li Meyer, Victoria Miller, Morgan Moffett, Richard Molina Gonzalez, Leon Moore, James Murphy, Emma Narkewicz, Sylvan Norris, Dvora Pader, Duncan Peterson, Marcus Peterson, David Plotkin, Gregory Preston, Jasper Rhoads, Cole Rhodes-Dow, Hunter Salem, Annabella Serafino, Andrew Serio, Ian Shaw, Pearl Silverman, Amandeep Singh, Benjamin Sirulnik, Angela Soule, Abigail Springfield, David Stamm, Audrey Stevens, Liam Sullivan, Allie Vanasse, Erin Voss, Max Walder, Bryce Wall, Ryan Wall, Sonja Welch, Jon Western, Jeremy Whitman, Joshua Whitman, Lior Wolf David, Alex Zimbalist, Gabriella Zimbalist and Charles Zinn;


Jonathan Brodeur, Jose Cordova, Isabel Darmon-Weiss, Rosemary Haynes, Casey Intrator, Matthew Jordan, Jackson Liptak, Devin Long, Sierra Ann Loomis, Kyle Luzzi-Dundon, Shakira Maldonado Robles, Tylor McCallumore, Kyle O’Connell, Wendell Padilla, Madeleine Perreault, Zev Seltzer, Areecia Simpson, Lilli Stordeur, Artur Strauss-Kennedy, Emily Waslick and Brandon Zaikowski;


Alex Brown, Henry Brown, Krystal Burgos, Jesse Carlino Threlfall, Brendan Cialek, Brian Eliza, Trevor Erwin-Stevens, Luke Grady-Pinkham, Patrick Grygorcewicz, Liseth Guamarica Buri, Mary Hunter Gasperini, David Kuhr, Samuel Mescon, Liam Putnam-Dean, Daniel Radke, Lily Ruderman, Jackson Samuels, Johnathan Santiago, Matthew Scafidi, Laura Strack, Jachob Warren and Emmett White;

Grade 10


Chelsea Aloisi, Liam Andrews-Bancroft, Charles Baranowski, Melanie Beck, Daniel Belkin, Juliet Bernini, Emily Biggs, Cassandra Bils, Mina Bond, Molly Bond, Winifred Brown, Emma Buckley, Katherine Butler, William Chen, Saadya Chevan, Tieren Costello, Rylan Cote, Nicholas Day, Alexandra Dibrindisi, Matthew Epstein, Emma Findlay, Alexa Flinker, Timothy Foldy-Porto, Sophia Gerstle, Gabriel Gill, Julia Gillis, Aidan Gilson, Amelia Gilson, Sophia Glading-Dilorenzo, Ciaran Godfrey, Jonathan Goldman, Michael Gross, Sara Haller, Lori Hart, Abraham Herzog-Arbeitman, Jonah Herzog-Arbeitman, Liam Holloway-Bidwell, Emlyn Homstead, Rebecca Howard, Samuel Howe, Emme Hutchins, Joseph Illingsworth, Eva-Quenby Johnson, Sharene Kamel, David Katz, Lauren Kennedy, Kaitlin Kochapski, Alexander, Koester, Ilan Korman, Casper L’Esperance Kerckhoff, Olivia Landry, Michael Lap, Ryan Lucek, Mariel Lutz, Margaret Mahoney, Marissa Maiewski, Rebecca Marmor, Charlotte Maurer, Ella McDonald, Clair Mieher, Jonathan Minoff, Eliza Moss-Horwitz, Benjamin Murphy, Robey Nejame, Monica Nicoletti, Avery Nortonsmith, Aidan O’Donoghue, Abdul Wasay Paracha, Connor Paradis, Nicholas Pellegrino, Jack Petrides, Kristina Ramsden, Jordan Renkowic, Isabelle Reynolds, Katherine Schmittlein, Bianca Segarra, Sophie Sharp, Arlo Siegel, Jasmeet Singh, Jodhbir Singh, Rowan Steere, Sara Sternick, Katherine Stowe-Thurston, Megan Stowe-Thurston, Christina Strauss-Kennedy, Haley Subocz, Emily Tan, Espy Thomson, Julia Urbank, Francois Venne, Samuel Vercellotti, Olivia Wakefield-Colly, Gina Whalen, Maela Whitcomb, Eliza Wilkins-Carmody, Alexandria Wills, Jared Yarde, Lily Zogaum and Carley Zucco;


Laura Alpern, Emilie Baldwin, Marco Barroso, Antoine Bentley-Micallef, Jacob Bridgman, Rafael Cottom, Ileana Curtis, Joseph Davis, Haley Dumas, Charles Ferrera, Adam Fishman, Kerry Fleming, Samantha Fox, Kawika Francesquini, Lillian Glading-Dilorenzo, Lucy Greto, Benjamin Hill, Aidan Hirsch, Henrik Jakobeit, Miles Johnson, Max Kanig, Rose Katz-Berger, Shahzeb Khalid, Molly McCusker, Isabelle Ness, Samantha Nurenberg, Emily Poehlein, Jagyaseeni Riesz, Hannah Rome, Kevin Rosa, Katelyn Sector, Jack Shaughnessy, Rachel Sheehan, Marta Sola-Pfefer, Anya Spector and Madison Young;


Benjamin Bradley-Gilbert, Unnza Butt, Xochitl Calero, Sarah Callahan, Michael Castillo, Megan Coughlin, Dominic Desalvio, Dana Dufour, David Ewing, Madeline Gibson, Ariel Gonzalez Matos, Jonathan Letendre, Liam McCarthy, Jeremy Perez-Aponte, Chelsea Rodriguez, Benjamin Sharpe, Jack Shea, Christopher Soderberg, Jason Theriault, Caison Warner and Naomi Winsor;

Grade 11


Bailey Aaron, Emily Allcroft, William Averill, Elizabeth Baker, Anna Barondes, Ezekiel Baskin, Mikaela Bloomberg, Matthew Boynton, Jennah Brennan, Julien Brenneck, Erika Brin-Mazuch, Nicole Britt, Madeline Cahillane, Joshua Carr, Nicholas Cocco, Charlene Coleman, Abigail Crescitelli, Benjamin Davis, Jenny Davis, Jack Delamater, Olivia Delisle, Sarah Dobrow, Devon Eckert, Maya Elliott-Saakvitne, Simon Ever-Hale, Adele Fantasia, Pearl Farley, Isaiah Feldman-Schwartz, Elan Field, Marion Flynn, Noah Galko, Samuel Gaudet, Jonah Godfrey, Anna Goncharova, Isabel Gutowski, Emma Halper, Tyler Hannigan-Page, Dana Hanson, Nadine Harris, John Haug, Norma Jean Haynes, Katherine Helly, Jacob Hill, Valerie Ingmann, Anne Innes-Gold, Lukin Jacob, David Jeffway, Maya Kerstetter, Jonah Klein Barton, Erika Kotch, Leila Kouakou, Samantha Krumpholz, Amalyah Leader, Isaac Lello-Smith, Sage Loomis, Cody Malone, Daniel March, Katherine Michon, Anna Moore, Rachel Morris, Evan Murray, Hannah Noseworthy, Alanah O’Dea, Isabelle Page, Abdul Mughis Paracha, Byron Poplawski, Eleanor Pullan, Louisa Rader, Angelica Radke, Lyndsey Raucher, Danielle Rizzo, Nathalia Roda Melgar, Johannah Rosenblum, Christina Ruggiero-Corliss, Andrew Ruszczyk, Jacob Schurch, Amanda Sheehan, Jennifer Sienkiewicz, Vincent Sireci, Samual Smith, Grace Smith-Eilenberg, Emily Stamm, Rose Tabachnick, Emma Tacy, Nolan Teixeira, Ben Tidswell, Robert Tosswill, Mike Vega, Lily Vesel, Theodore Viola, Eleanor Volkmann, Samuel Walker, Anna Walther, Amita Wanar, Dylan Weaver and Hunter Zackaricz;


Noah Babbott-Bryan, Alexander Brakey, Marlena Candelario Romero, Barrett Capistran, Elliot Caron-Vera, Ora Castelli, Patrick Clancy-Geske, Cassandra Eastman, Joshua Garcia, Ben Gleason, Jocelyn Howard, Noah Jackson, Madison Kaufman, Ian Leavens, Lauren McGrath, Laura Michon, Alec Morrison, Benjamin O’Connor, Adam Osherow, Isaac Price-Slade, Khaila Ramirez, Graciella Rivera-Zeigler, Samuel Santiago Jr., Samantha Scott, Alexander Stenson, Brandon Steriti, Megan Suprenant, Kaitlin Travers, Kai Webler, Aidan Winn and Alexander Zadworny;


David Banta-Garcia, Isla Bentley-Micallef, Joshua Dietz, Quinn Doherty, Alma Figueroa Quiles, Brigid Fister, John Grimaldi, Sarah Rose Gruszecki, Adam Guerra, Alexandria Kubin, Lily Lashway, Sophie Lellman, Will Lombardi, Dashiell Long, Madison Mientka, Ben O’Connor, Meet Patel, Dillan Shelkey, Lucy Sloan, Susannah Smith, Isabel Snodgrass, Quincy Walter and Joseph Warner;

Grade 12


Addison Adams, Ana Baustin, William Beebe, Ethan Bein, Olivia Bernstein, Julia Burton, Benjamin Cheung, Benjamin Christopher, Melia Coletta, Andrew Cooper, Benjamin Cooper, Kyle Cote-Houghton, Olivia Cotton, Kyley Eastman, Daniel Esrick, Leah Fagen, Alison Fenton, Elizabeth Fleming, Jarian Fred, Katherine Gardner, Heather Giguere, Benjamin Gingras, Zachary Goodwin-Boyd, Sequoia Grettenberg, Alida Griffin, Kristin Gross, Asher Gryska, Ethan Hack-Chabot, Alexandra Haggerty-Rahn, Jonah Hahn, Charles Hale, Mackenzie Hale, Simon Harrity, Lila Hartwell, Joshua Hirschman, Toni Holbrook, Sydney Howard, Kate Jenkins-Sullivan, Joy Jennings, Phoebe Jones, Shannon Keefe, David Konowitch, Laura Krok-Horton, Jonah Kudler-Flam, Madison Lacaprucia, Bailey Lathrop, Alexis Leach, Rachel Leader, Ashley LeBlanc, Elizabeth Leonard, Katherine Lesko, Jacob Levitt, Ka Wing J. Li, Robert Logue, Elijah Lucey, Tyler MacDonald, Olivia Marshall, William Matteson, Elias Miller, Calyx Moore, Sarah Moss-Horwitz, Elais Neijens, Elijah Ness, Kevin Nguyen, Margaux Paine, Aammar Paracha, Meghan Paradis, Adrienne Pascucci, Parthavi Patel, Marissa Pellegrino, Anthony Popielarczyk, Aidan Putnam-Dean, Richard Ramsden, Benjamin Ramsey, Johanna Renard, Alexander Rifken, Samantha Rizzo, Ricardo Rodriguez Baez, Autumn Ross-Kellogg, Jillian Ruyffelaert, Jillian Ryan, Galit Sarvet, Thomas Savarese, Alessandria Schumacher, Daniel Shinnick, Joseph Sicard, Noah Siegel, Puneet Singh, Camlyn Smith-Allen, Eli Spector, Katherine Sperry, Sarah Spound, Landon Steere, Joan Sullivan, Tara Teed, Alyssa Thibault, Leah Tompkins, Elliot Weiss, Emma West, Jamie Yurgielewicz and Eliana Zimmerman;


Giordano Caldieri, Anthony Dufour, Elyzabeth Erwin-Stevens, Andrew Fleming, Mae Gloman, Jack Haller, Abigail Illingsworth, Anisa Kamel, Rebecca Landry, Rebekah Lapwood, Joel McAuslin, Melinda Messeck, Stephen Michel, William Norris, Thunvathrady Pheng, Bethany Prevost, Connor Roach, Wilona Ryan, Zachary Senchuk, Mia Toffoli, Ian Vilhena Valenca, Miranda Wingfield, Janeia Wolfson-Milton and John Yeskie;


Oscar Ayala Cornejo, Susan Bell, Eva Cilman, Meredith Cohen, Reeves Connolly, Daniel Cooper, Michayla Dion, Ryan Driscoll-Zera, Hannah Fitzsimmons, Mary Greco, Zachary Heywood, Madison Hutchins, Renee LaFleur, Madeline Lenz, Hannah Levy, Jordan Maurer, Ian McKenna-Donnelly, Avery Mencher, Shannon O’Leary, James Parfet, Nikholas Peterson, Andrew Preston, Cristian Rivera, Henry Siegel, Alexander Smith-Bove, Maxwell Swenson, Rachel Tobin, Samantha Trzepla and Tyler Walsh.

Hopkins Academy

The following students were named to the first quarter honor roll at the Hadley school:

Grade 7

Highest Honors: Benjamin Anderson, Vance Canella, Cassandra Dwight, John J. Earle, Isabel Flynn, Katherine Koch, Aleksander Kuchinski, Margaret Michalak, Miranda Pitta, Ryan Phillips, Muhammad Yahman

High Honors: Hannah Berard, Joseph Czajkowski, Jonathan Morrison

Honors: Maheen Ahmed, Athina Alimonos, Chloe Beaulieu, Justin Butterfield, Justin Ciaglo, Michael Curren, Sarah Fedor, Megan Fydenkevez, Heather Guilbault, Nathan Kelley, Uan O’Brien, Erin Tudryn

Grade 8

Highest Honors: Emelia Aiken-Hafner, Caleb Farnham, Courtney Hurley, Allison Jenks, Molly Kokoski, Paul Kosakowski, Caitlin Lewis, Michael Mieczkowski, Ella O’Brien, Khristopher Olson

High Honors: Lily Gido, Oliver Rodgers, Alyssa Tudryn

Honors: Kelsea Cristoforo, Alexandra Dinopoulos, Samantha Fetler, Trevor Fil, Megan Glazier, Jessica Hurley, Joshua Hyslip, Thomas Jacque, Greta Kurtz, Samuel Leboeuf, Katherine Noblewolf, Kishan Patel, Lauren Sieracki, Nicholas West

Grade 9

Highest Honors: Brandon Bushey, Thomas Kowal-Safron, Jennifer Moss

High Honors: Sarim Ahmed, Emily Avistata Sullivan, Spencer Butterfield, Kristin Cook, Caroline Cristoforo, Pierce Curtis, Elyssa Denault, Aubrey Denson-Harrison, Matthew Garand, Abigail Gardiner, Aurora Grant Wingate, Kaitlin Kotfila, Alyssa Kupras, Brian LaClair, Joshua Mckeever, Alexandria Mellone, Hannah Milewski, Brett Morrison, Charles Sanderson, Michaela Solano, Mohamad Yahman, Emily Young

Honors: Blake Curtis, Dennis Kicza

Grade 10

Highest Honors: Joselyn Beaulieu, Phoebe Blaisdell, Avery Hanlon, John Jacques

High Honors: Cole Burdell, Drew Castronovo, Mary Cook, Alex Curran, Emily Fedor, Cienna Harris, Allyson Huntoon, Zachary Kelly, Hannah Kennedy, Patrick Knightly, Jeffrey Koch, Jillian Morin, Bijal Patel, Ethan Sanderson, Kate Sullivan, Mackenzie Sullivan, Sophia Valentini, Joseph Yusko

Honors: Harper Fetler

Grade 11

Highest Honors: Zachary Anderson, Jacob Kosakowski, Jessica Kotfila, Kyra Michalak, Brennan Mitrolka

High Honors: Nicholas Bernard, Austin Brighenti, Kari Cristoforo, Michael Dwyer, Scott Dwyer, Rebecca Freitag, Molly Glazier, Timothy Hanlon, Jeremiah Hyslip, Carley Lewis, Karoline Moriarty, Nicole Morrison, Samantha Nyarko, Ethan Picard, Benjamin Pitta, Andrew Omer, Courtney Tudryn

Honors: Kayla Jacque, Lacey Waskiewicz

Grade 12

Highest Honors: Mikaela Momot, Amanda Olson, David Ruymen, Rebecca Smith, Kathryn Tyler

High Honors: Elizabeth Andres, Celeste Beaulieu, Kayla Benjamin, Allison Butterfield, Ileana Carrion, Sydney Connor, Sydney Denault, Marissa Giroux, Katie Keegan, Avery Klepacki, Timothy Knightly, Allison LaClair, Anne Mozel, Jankikumari Patel, Cassidy Peterson, Sean Quill, Kelsey Scheumann, Jessalyn Stowell, Satchel Teixeira-McCarthy

Honors: Laurel King

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