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Northampton police warn of danger to pets left in hot cars

“We advise people to be attentive to their animals and to not leave them in cars during summer heat,” Northampton Police Capt. Scott A. Savino said in a statement.

Savino said that since June 21 the department has received many calls from the public about dogs being left in vehicles.

Leaving an animal in a car on a hot day can result in a $100 fine for violation of a city ordinance, according to police.

Even on a relatively mild day, temperatures inside a car can soar, according to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

According to PETA’s website, temperatures inside a car on a 78-degree day can reach up to 120 degrees, and on a 90-degree day temperature can rise as high as 160 degrees in less than 15 minutes.

Animals can suffer heatstroke, brain damage or death from exposure to such temperatures, according to PETA.

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Some pet owners may think it's a good idea to share some time with their pet while running errands; but sometimes, they are held up with whatever they are doing, and the dog remains in the hot car waiting! I have seen distressed animals in cars, with no owner around! I have called police in the interest of helping a dog who was really stressed in a hot car. I won't overlook a suffering animal, ever! If that makes the owner angry, oh well!

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