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Toy Fund donors list for Dec. 24

These are the latest donors to the Sidney F. Smith Toy Fund. Donations may be made online at toyfund.gazettenet.com.

Anonymous $48

With love from Oliver on my very first Christmas $15

For Newtown $25

In loving memory of Frank A. Gerlip from Joe and Judy Gerlip and family Merry Christmas $20

In memory of Robert K. Finn from the Gerlip family $20

In loving memory of Frank Labato Sr., his wife Ruth Labato and their son Frank Labato, Jr. from Judy and Joe Gerlip, Pat and Jerry Sokop, Rita Labato and all of their families who miss them at Christmas $30

In loving memory of Diane Brozoski from all of her "best" friends $200

In loving memory of my parents Bill and Janet Hayes from Pat Hayes $50.

From the staff at National Floor and the McCutchens $200

Merry Christmas from Campbell and Kyle Pushkin of Austin, Texas $100

In memory of Carl and Marc Zalesky from Lorraine and family $10

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays from Rita Tobin $75

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays from Gloria LaFlamme $75

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays from Cecilia, Ainsley and Harry $75

Thank you to all of my clients from Margaret "Peggy" Mientka at Hair Designers $50

Merry Christmas from Gisele Mientka and family $50

Anonymous $100

In memory of my brother Ken Johnson and Mom and Dad, Dick and Joanne Johnson. Thankful for all of the wonderful memories from Deb Kabat $30

In memory of my parents, Marion and Raymond (Ish) LaBarge from Lynn Day $50

In memory of Anna Kirwan, for whom children and Christmas were primary from Eleanor Cook $10

In memory of Stanley & David Mularski love Jim & Kathy $25

On behalf of the Northwestern District Attorney's Office, Happy Holidays $240

In memory of my mother Elizabeth Kamansky from her son Edmund Kamansky $500

In honor of all the teachers at Jackson Street School, especially Mrs. Reed from Logan Hodges $20

From D.A. Sullivan & Sons $100

In memory of Christina Willard from Geraldine, Leslie, Christopher and Margaret $50

In memory of Diane Brozoski from Anonymous $1,000

In loving memory of my husband, John Sargenski, who enjoyed the beauty and wonder of the holiday season, love Sharon $50

In memory of Bud Devlin, Dorothy Basile and Betty Cummings from Colleen and Frank $300

In memory of our parents from Ted & Joanne Parsons $50

In memory of Michael Beaulieu from the Vetterstrands $25

In loving memory of my wife Diane from John Brozoski $100

In celebration of all the great staff and volunteers at the Northampton Senior Center from Patte Shaughnessy $25

With love for Nana from Erin, Grace, Griffin, Johanna, Julia, Alex, Andrew, Joni, Kerry, Liam, Kate, Jack and Allie $65

From Matthew and Kerri Vautour $50

Anonymous $1,500

From Sarah and Christie $80

For the children at Christmas from the employees of L-3 at KEO $1,001

In memory of Mona McCarthy from D. Potter $10

From Diane Potter $10

From Cookie & Gordie Daniels $20

Merry Christmas from Alison Gleason $30

In honor of all children from the Ladies Aid Society of the Haydenville Congregational Church $170

For those at Sandy Hook from AJ Morin $28

From Class Deans' office, Carie Congleton, Naomi Sturtevant, Christina Kuralt, Jane Stangle, Erika Laquer, Margaret Brzelius, Donald Andrew, Elly Mons $120

In honor of Oliver Harvery Brotherton, may God bless you and keep you safe always from D $20

In loving memory of my brother Bernard and parents George & Helen Murray from Beverly Cooke $20

The employees of The Daily Hampshire Gazette and Valley Advocate $1,706

In memory of Hilary Westgate. Love, Donnie, Megan, DJ, Mason, Alex and Eli $50

The staff of the Lathrop Support Services and Wellness Office would like to thank the Easthampton Fire Department ambulance staff as well as the Northampton Fire Department ambulance personnel for the professional, courteous and caring attitude they demonstrate while tending to the needs of the Lathrop Community residents on both the Easthampton and Northampton campuses. We very much appreciate all of you, and happy holidays $95

We all worked very hard to help all children have better holidays. Love, Korpita's Kids Grade 2 Williamburg Elementary School $162.09

In gratitude for life's blessing from Al and Sally Griggs $250

For the children from Ben, Max, Georgia, Abbey and Quinn Shumway $100

In memory of all children everywhere - anonymous $25

In loving memory of Nana, Grandy, Dutch, Claudie and especially Uncle Larry, the kiddies' pal from Johanna Fink $100

For my beloved family members that have passed, anonymous $25

From the McKemmie family in Sunderland, $40

From Kyle and Nick Uchneat, so that other kids can have toys, too $10

In loving memory of my grandparents Fran and Francis Sheehan and great uncle John Meany - Love Lori $25

To make it merrier for two, from Kit Sang and Steve Boos $80

On behalf of Rebecca Belcher-Timme, my son's fabulous first grade teacher $25

On behalf of all the great teachers at Little Bear Learn and Care from Jessica Alan $25

In memory of loved ones we have lost from John and Patti Luchini $100

From Susan and Wayne Emerson $25

The students in Mrs. Diemand and Mrs. O'Reilly's second-grade class at the William E. Norris School in Southampton worked hard to earn money for the Sidney F. Smith Toy Fund. "So all the children in our community can have a Merry Christmas" from Cynthia Diemand, Anne Marie O'Reily Second Grade Teachers William E. Norris School $184.30

In loving memory of Grampa "Chic" St. Martin & Nana, Grampy and Robby Markham from Shane, Devon & Brynn $50

In memory of Steve Stevens from Coach and the boys $20

Anonymous $50

In honor of my first-grade teacher at Center School, Miss MacKinzie. Love, Katelyn Martin $50

Anonymous $25

In memory of Timothy H. Banks, Jr and Paul R. Banks who left us too soon From Ted, Joan, Kevin, Terri, Dan & Sharon $20

In honor of our daughter-in-law Debbie Wells and in memory of Daniel Borden who Debbie knew, who was one of the children in the Sandy Hook tragedy from Dick & Polly $100

So all children can have a present at Christmas $35

From Ebony $100

In memory of Janet and Edward Jones, Love, Tom and Patti $25

In loving memory of Jim and Rita Adamites forever missed at our holiday table. Love Jayne & Tim Sullivan $50

In honor of Joan P. Ahlstrand from Jean Ahlstrand MacKimmie $50

In memory of my father, William B. Hawkins, 1900-1971 from Bruce Hawkins $100

To bring a smile to the faces of some children from Hatfield Book Club $100

In loving memory of Bill Esselon from Jan $50

In loving memory of our dear little angel Sammy, Love Grandpa & Gramma Korpiewski $30

From Northampton Area Pediatrics, LLP $500

In honor of Mrs. Luce and all teachers everywhere from Tatum Hathaway $25

In memory of family and friends from Hugh and Sue Scott $50

From Rob, Catherine & Bobby Brooks $203

In memory of Roman & Hamid and in celebration of Priya from Debra and Thomas Dutkiewicz $100

Anonymous $50

In memory of Ed & Regina Tudryn & Gerald Grover from Jim & Gretchen $50

Anonymous $10

We want every child to get a gift for Christmas! Patrick & Elizabeth March $120

Best wishes for the holidays to the Gazette staff from Barbara Noble $20

In honor, once again, of our granddauughter, Hilary Jane Westgate, who loved Christmas and lost her life at such a young age as to never be able to experience it again. Also in honor of grandson Tyler Frechette who is a Marine serving his country so that we may all be safe. Along with them, are all the other Corliss children and grandchildren (41 in all) that we want to let you know, want all the kids to enjoy some kind of Christmas from Leonard and Virginia Corliss $300

From Norman Reynolds of Chatham, Va. $500

In honor of our granddaughters Keira and Kayleigh, Merry Christmas from Deb and John $75

Merry Christmas $50

From the Northampton skateboarders $30

In loving memory of Jeanne McGrath, Nancy MacKay and Gordon Clark from the Northampton District Court Probation Department $100

To the memory of my pop, Leroy E. Rogers from Dan Rogers $25

With gratitude for this wonderful community from Peter & Liz Bigwood $100

In honor of Peggy Lucey and Bill Noel ... Merry Christmas from Gail and Sam $50

In loving memoery of "MEEMEE" Helena Graham from your loved ones $300

In loving memory of "Buddy" Duprey, from your loved ones $300

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year to all from the Hampshire United Girls U11 Soccer Team $100

For all the Little Angels taken away from us too soon from The Curran family $200

In memory of Henry S. Sullivan, beloved father-in-law and grandpa. We miss you and love you every day from Sue, Cathy, Kerry, Brian, Kerissa and Caden $25

In memory of Richard D. Sullivan, beloved husband, father and papa. You are thought of every day, we miss you and love you from Sue, Cathy, Kerry, Brian, Doni, Phil, Shawna, Kerissa and Caden $25

In memory of Ed and Gen Searle from AJ and Sylvia $100

With joyful thanks for the many blessings we have received from AJ and Sylvia $100

From Tina and Don $25

In loving memory of Mikey Gangne, on your 10th anniversary you are always in our thoughts and memories. Love, Tracy, Mike, Kristy and Thomas $30

In honor of Gramma Joan. Merry Christmas! Love David, Debi, Brian, Amanda and Jon $50

From Bart Estes (George B. Estes) $100

From students, faculty & administration at Smith Academy $220

In memory and honor of the children of Newtown, Conn. $200

In memory of loved ones from all of us at Florence Casket $1,720

From the Hogan family in memory of Sidney F. Smith $150

Merry Christmas $30

In lieu of family gifts from Patricia Poulin $200

In loving memory of Frank and Anna Baceski and William & Jean Wilkes from William Wilkes Jr. & Phyllis Wilkes $100

Remembering my beloved friend, Zyg from Lyn $25

Anonymous $20

In memory of my wife Dawn from Mark F. Castro $100

In memory of the innocents of Newtown from Anya, Nathan & Regan $100

In memory of Timothy J. & Agnes M. O'Connor and Leo F. Sikoski from W. Brian O'Connor, Karen F. O'Connor & Cecelia S. Sikoski $100

From Arnold & Elaine Trehub $75

From Erik Jeldsen $25

In loving memory of my sons & husband, my son Rick and Ronny & my husband Al. I love you & miss you so much from Barbara Therrien $30

In memory of Arthur & Margaret Seney, Ralph Trudy, Larry Savino, Gram Carlberg, Barbara Schoen and Rosemary Filiatrault - I miss you all from Jane Savino $50

In memory of our grandson Jamie Higgins and the joy he brought us from Charlie & Karen Marney $25

To the children, warmest greetings and good wishes for the holiday season. From the students and staff of the Hatch Cafe at UMass-Amherst $150

In loving memory of our dear friend and neighbor, Catherine Hatch from Carlene and Lawrence Osborn $50

From the members of Hope Grange of Hadley in memory of Warren McKinstry & Bob Squires $25

In memory of Diane Maurer and Robert Maurer from Steve & Pamela Maurer $150

In loving memory of Rudy and Emily Krzanowski from daughter Sue $50

Merry Christmas in lieu of holiday cards from Joyce B. Chandler $25

From Jon and Jill $25

In memory of Uncle Marshall from the Drisko family $50

In loving memory of Helen E. and Edgar R. Judd from Ned, Carol and Laura $80

In loving memory of Grampa Larry Jaques from Bethaney Larri Ann Moore $25

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas! from Calvin & Clark Filepas $15

Anonymous $50

In memory of Rusty Keating from Anonymous $50

In memory of Karen from Carole Drapeau $25

In memory of Kevin O'Hare from Dianne & David $35

In appreciation for the wonderful and caring staff at Lathrop Home, South Street, Northampton from Leah & Pauline $40

In loving memory of Marsha Ciaschini, a gifted teacher in the Northampton schools who gave so much to so many children. Her energy & insights were shared with all of us who were lucky enough to be her colleagues at Leeds School - Marion VanArsdell $25

In loving memory of my wife Cynthia Mary from Nick Grimaldi $50

In loving memory of my husband and our father "Tapper" Tom Poudrier from Betsy, Laurie and Shelley $25

In memory of Grandpa John and Grandpa Roland from Ian & Roland $50

In memory of Pat Zygmont & Mary Judkin from your ceramic friends at Craftyme Arts $20

In memory of my father Elmer Thayer from his son Will and Carolyn $10

In memory of my mother Marguerite Otis from her son Will and Carolyn $10

In memory of my parents, Frederic and Hazel LeBroad from their daughter Carolyn & Will $20

In loving memory of Joseph and Julia Koziol from daughter Lorraine, John and family $50

In loving memory of John and Jean Kieras, from son John, Lorraine and family $50

Happy Holidays from the Jamieson family $25

In loving memory of B.C. Connelly from Mom & Dad $25

In loving memory of Roberta, Stanley and Steve Soliwoda from Chris, Phil, Sarah & Rachel Laprade $25

From Andree Uhlig, Diane Merritt $10

In loving memory of Grammy Sammy, Jack Samolewicz and Zachary O'Neil. We love you and miss you! from Lily, Isabel, Samantha and Jack $25

In loving memory of Mary and Ronzo Dibrindisi from your family $100

Merry Christmas from Eric, Susan, Jake and Michael $100

In memory of Polly Harter with love the Bears of Williamsburg $25

For Bella and Joey from Nana S $25

Merry Christmas $25

Franklin Hampshire Collector's & Treasurer's $150

In memory of my sister from Tamson Ely of Amherst $50

Wishing family and friends a very Merry Christmas & blessed New Year from Dick & Pat LeBeau $25

In memory of Jeremy from Sherry & Joe Grabon $25

In loving memory of Chet & Milt Lafond from Janet $100

In memory of mom from Karen $50

In memory of Rowdy, Mugsy, Mac and Bruiser from William & Maureen Dwyer $40

In memory of the children of Newtown, Conn., from Allison, Nicholas, Alexander and Isabella Gervais and Brynn Maura Eagley $100

In memory of our loved ones, parents Marguerite & Don Otis and sister Susan from Kathy & Davd Waldo $50

From Suzy and Javier Campos $150

In memory of Milton and Eunice Cole from George $25

In memory of husband Bill Hall, and Julie Gotta, niece, both loved holiday season from Jayma G. Hall $50

In memory of Jack Dunphy who loved Christmas & children from Jim & Mary O'Connor & family $25

In memory of Fran Englehardt from "Trust Me" $25

In memory of Grandma Marie from Auden, Calvin, Reed, Isadora & Juliet $100

In lieu of office Christmas gifts from Hampshire Superior Court Clerk's Office $245

From Nancy & Stuart Wood $150

From Kathy Teece $75

So each child/family will have a gift this Christmas, In memory of my parents from Margaret Sullivan $15

In honor of Frank & Marion Miller from Ken & Charlotte Wood $10

In memory of Mom & Dad from Arthur Clifford $20

From a friend of Bobby Gagne $100

In memory of Nettie Watson from Nancy & Glenn Wickland $10

In loving memory of Chuck Plante. We miss you daddy - Love Ray, Yana & Toby $100

In memory of the kids of Newtown $25

In loving memory of Joanie Thayer from the Ross family $25

"Someday we'll find it, the rainbow connection, the lovers, the dreamers, and me." Kermit the Frog from Northampton High School, Mrs. Armstrong's Wellness 2 Class - Period 3A $359.80

In honor of the kids who need a smile from Northampton High School, Mrs. Armstrong's Wellness 2 Class - Period 3B $455.45

Today's total: $21,717.64

YEAR TO DATE TOTAL: $61,001.54


Former colleague remembers Toy Fund founder as humble

Monday, December 17, 2012

NORTHAMPTON — When James Hogan brought in his family’s donation to the Sidney F. Smith Toy Fund earlier this week, he knew exactly how he wanted the contribution listed in the paper, and why. The donation should read in memory of Sidney F. Smith, he told Gazette receptionist Nancy Rhoades. “I think it’s only fair,” Hogan said. “You never see …

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