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Uncommon phobias:

■ Air: Anemophobia.

■13 (the number): Triskadekaphobia.

■ Beds (or going to bed): Clinophobia .

■ Clouds: Nephophobia.

■ Clowns: Coulrophobia.

■ Dolls: Pediophobia.

■ Dust: Amathophobia.

■ Everything: Panophobia.

■ Halloween: Samhainophobia.

■ Peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth:

Common phobias

■ Fear of confined spaces.

■ Fear of dentists.

■ Fear of going to the doctor.

■ Fear of death or dying.

■ Fear of failure.

■ Fear of fire.

■ Fear of heights.

■ Fear of injections.

■ Fear of spiders.

■ Fear of pain.


Scared — beyond Halloween Phobias are fears that overwhelm, affect behavior

Monday, October 21, 2013

What started out as a quiet evening at home last fall turned into a nightmare when Orianah Fast discovered an intruder in her Grand Forks, N.D., apartment. She was watching TV, when she heard noises from her bedroom. Her two “super mellow, lazy cats” were hissing and running around, she said, likely playing with catnip toys. “It sounded like they …

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