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Lou & Lucy's Leftovers

* Lou Groccia and Lucy Pickett, the Gazette’s self-described food experts, can’t stop chewing the fat. *

Recently I puchased a new grill. I didn’t really want to buy a new grill, but I was backed into a corner. All the parts on my current grill went south, if you know what I mean.

Perhaps people remember about two years ago when I wrote about my trials and tribulations with this grill. Trying to get the right parts was like proving my innocence to a jury of 12.

First, they sent me the wrong parts ... I called them and said the parts did not fit ... They insisted I had received the right parts ... I said, no ... They said, no other parts exist, I must have put them in wrong.

I actually had to piece together the rusty old evidence, take pictures and email the photos to them of the old and new, side by side to prove I had been given the wrong parts.

Finally, they couldn’t deny the obvious and sent me the right stuff.

Grill fixed. End of story. Innocent.

Well, said-grill rusted out again. OK, maybe I don’t cover it like I should.

Not wanting to throw it out, I was willing to try again to get new parts. After looking up what I needed online and finding out it was going to cost more than $200 for them — $50 less than what the grill originally cost — I decided to bite the bullet and get a new grill. When shopping for a new grill, I was amazed how the prices range from $99 to $1,999 with some really high-end grills costing even more than that.

I settled for a mid-range, well-known, highly touted Weber. I am sure this reputable company will have the new parts for me if or when I need them. I have cooked a few meals on it and I am very pleased. I would officially recommend a Weber. The heat is even and it burns nice and hot so you can get a really good sear. All of us grillers know how important a good sear is.

This ends my grill story, but it is just an opener to grilling season. Yahoo! And may you always get a good sear.

— Lucy

Can’t beat a Weber; gas or charcoal. That, reminds me, I have a huge box in my basement, said-contents of which are a brand-new charcoal grill with an adjustable grate. I’m waiting for my nephew to visit to put it together. That’s what family is for.

— Lou

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