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1 Amherst College began moving its historic Camperdown elm tree last week. How much is the move costing?

(a) $50, just a few branches included.

(b) $1,000, roots not included.

(c) $50,000, just the entire left half of the tree included.

(d) $100,000, roots included.

2 What was the title of the movie-inspired Northampton St. Patrick’s Association float that drew heavy applause during Sunday’s St. Patrick’s Day parade in Holyoke?

(a) “Darby O’Gill and the Height Challenged People.”

(b) “O’Lawrence of O’rabia.”

(c) “How Green Was My Happy Valley.”

(d) “Ferris O’Bueller’s Day Off.”

3 Which headline actually appeared in the Gazette Monday?

(a) 2 vigilantes in Egypt hang thieves by feet

(b) Vigilantes in Egypt hang thieves by 2 feet

(c) Vigilantes in Egypt hang thieves by feet

(d) Vigilantes in Egypt hang 2 thieves by feet

4 What did the new pope, Francis, do Sunday that surprised onlookers?

(a) He came out in support of gay marriage.

(b) He came out in support of a woman’s right to choose.

(c) He waded in a crowd, shaking hands and making off-the-cuff remarks.

(d) He declared himself a baseball fan of the St. Louis Cardinals.

5 What tactics are UMass pondering to try to lure partying students away from Fearing Street in Amherst?

(a) Tear gas.

(b) A “Minuteman Trail” painted maroon that leads back to campus.

(c) Pavement filled with electro-shock wiring when more than 250 pounds are detected by sensors.

(d) A food truck.

6 A couple now living in Easthampton moved to the city from New Mexico. What mode of transportation did they spend six months building for their cross-country trip?

(a) A tandem motorcycle that converted into a tent and stove.

(b) An old school bus they painted to look like Ken Kesey’s Merry Pranksters vehicle.

(c) A WWII landing craft, retrofitted to be a moving house, complete with cable television.

(d) A custom mobile home modeled after an Oregon Trail-style covered wagon.

7 The FBI has revealed that it knows who stole $500 million worth of art from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston in 1990. Who is the FBI looking at in connection with this infamous unsolved theft?

(a) The Grinch.

(b) Dr. No.

(c) Hartford mobster Robert Gentile.

(d) Jean Valjean.

8 U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., will introduce gun-control legislation next month after removing the assault weapons ban provision. What did Reid have to say about this?

(a) “I’ve always been opposed to gun-control legislation but have just never mentioned it in public.”

(b) “I was worried that the gun manufacturers’ profits might go down.”

(c) I personally have an Uzi to hunt elk with in Las Vegas.”

(d) “I’m not going to try to put something on the floor that won’t succeed.”

9 What do the men’s basketball teams for Kentucky and UMass have in common?

(a) Both coaches attended UMass as undergraduates.

(b) Both coaches wear a lot of gel in their hair.

(c) They’re both going to be great next year.

(d) They both lost in the first round of the National Invitational Tournament.

10 What will Hadley residents be deciding on at their annual Town Meeting in May?

(a) Whether to make Route 9 one-way going west.

(b) Whether to build a town-owned marina on the Connecticut River.

(c) Whether to make Route 9 one-way going east.

(d) Whether to have three Select Board members instead of the current five.

Answers: 1-d; 2-d; 3-d; 4-c; 5-b and d; 6-d; 7-c; 8-d; 9-b and d; and maybe c; 10-d

Monte Belmonte’s guest quizmaster question will return next week.

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