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S.A. Morse: Amherst should restore Mill River Bridge

To the editor:

Given the recent blockages of Pine Street and the presence of the recently rebuilt Sandy Hill Road, the loss of the Mill River Bridge below Puffer’s Pond Dam is severe.

For the northeast quadrant of Amherst north of Main Street and east of North Pleasant Street, and points east like Pelham, the most efficient route for northbound traffic toward Sunderland is the dodge through Cushman to Sandy Hill Road, across the Mill River, out Summer Street and out Cowls Road. Lacking the bridge, it is either Pine Street or Eastman Lane into the north end of the UMass campus.

Those who live in the nearly gated community near the bridge may value their serenity without the traffic, but that is gained at the inconvenience of many and was never part of the town plan.

Those who urge that the bridge be opened soon to one-way traffic have it right. The town of Amherst should quickly buy into the timely replacement of the bridge as already funded by the state.

S. A. Morse


Legacy Comments3

I agree wholeheartedly. It's too bad the town manager doesn't share the same views as Mr. Morse. The interests of a few don't outweigh the needs of many.

"Gated community"? I see you took your hyperbole pill this morning.

There's no hyperbole about it. Nobody can get through the neighborhood.

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