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Paul Garvey: Worry more about old spraying in DDT days

To the editor:

Congratulations to the mayor for moving forward with the athletic fields in Florence, which will be safe for the environment and the children who will use those fields in the future.

The real concern is not the use of Roundup, which dissipates quickly. I wonder about the effects on the crops from the use of DDT for years on those fields. Many of us as teens in Florence in the 1950s worked in those fields and witnessed the use of chemicals which are most likely banned today.

We experienced being sprayed along with the tobacco by airplanes flying just over our heads. The fear created recently is unjustified because that is not the problem, the past should be the concern for the crops.

Paul Garvey



Readers comment on use of herbicide on playing fields

Friday, August 30, 2013

EDITOR’S NOTE: Today we present nine letters from readers about the disputed use of the herbicide Roundup on new athletic fields in Florence. The herbicide was applied Tuesday. Last week, some people questioned the wisdom of using the product near gardens and farms. Mayor David Narkewicz postponed the application in order to review the issue, but then last week approved …

Legacy Comments1

It may be tempting to compare immediate visual impacts of some toxins versus long lasting insidious impacts of others, but it is not in our or the environment's best interest. When in doubt, follow the money trail and avoid it all costs when weighing scientific credibility.

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