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Jane Michaelson: Child-rearing is family’s duty, not community’s

To the editor:

Did your readers hear Melissa Harris Perry, a huge supporter of President Barack Obama who has her own show on MSNBC, giving a promo that our kids are not ours?

This liberal, who promotes Obama’s agenda on every show, tells us our kids belong to the community, not us.

We were told to give up the notion that the kids we parent are ours. They belong to the community. Doesn’t this sound like communism?

Jane Michaelson


Legacy Comments3

Wow. It saddens me that A) your words were somehow worthy of being printed in today's paper and B) I am raising my two children in the same community as you. How can you possibly turn a statement about a community having an impact as a whole on a child's upbringing into some BS about communism? Frightening. There are plenty of people that have an impact on a child's upbringing and many of them are in your community (teachers, doctors, librarians, friends, neighbors, coaches, etc..). Turn off the cable news and go volunteer somewhere. It may teach you the difference between the words "community" and "communism".

Yes Jane it does. Add it to Obama's other countless comments, along with the ideology of the people that raised him and influenced his life, and that is the only logical conclusion.

No Jane. It doesn't.

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