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Joseph Curran: Where are protests over Obama policy on targeted killings?

To the editor:

If former President George Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney were responsible for murdering people, including U.S. citizens, suspected of un-American activities, the editorial pages and streets of Northampton would be filled with outrage.

Not so with President Barack Obama’s newly revealed stance on targeted killing.

It’s all about whose tribe is in power. Classic hypocrisy.

Joseph Curran


Legacy Comments3

Yes, I agree with observer that Bush and Cheney killed or maimed hundreds of thousands of people for no cause (the weapons the US used are still inflicting horrible birth defects and cancers to areas in Iraq and Afghanistan). I do, however, agree with Mr. Curran that the extrajudicial killings via drones (along with a lot of civilians, including innocent children) are unwarranted and should be accountable to both the US and the UN. Drone killings have increased exponentially under Obama - more innocent lives are taken than are publicized.

Sorry to correct you, Joey, but Bush and Cheney were responsible for 4,486 dead US servicemen and 121,464 civilians due to war that they started under false pretenses---and, yes, people are outraged.

I would call suicide bombings, blowing up airlines, etc., a bit more than an "un-American activity"

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