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B2B ID: Timothy Molitoris, owner of Health FX in Northampton

NAME: Timothy Molitoris, D.C., MBA

JOB TITLE, COMPANY: Owner, Health FX, Northampton

WEBSITE: www.healthfxonline.com

AGE: 40

BUSINESS LAUNCH: In the fall of 2011

WHAT YOU DO: I operate a one-stop physical rehabilitation facility that provides chiropractic, sports rehab, strength and performance-based conditioning and nutrition and weight-loss services. As a small business owner, my role is constantly changing, and I love the variety that it provides.

EXPERIENCE: I have always had an aptitude for business. My undergraduate studies were in accounting and finance, and I furthered my education by earning an MBA. In 2008, I received my doctorate in chiropractic. In addition to clinical and research experience, I’ve been involved with personal fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for as long as I can remember.

THE MARKET: Anyone who is unable to enjoy his or her current quality of life due to pain or some other physical limitation.

HOW YOU REACH OUT: This is primarily a referral-based, word-of-mouth business. The company’s website, social interaction and community involvement have also been helpful in reaching out to patients and clients.

WHAT FINANCING HURDLES HAVE YOU FACED? HOW HAVE YOU HANDLED THEM? In business school I shadowed a successful entrepreneur. His advice was this: find out how much money you think you need to run your business and then triple it — then you might have a shot at success. Starting out is tough, but my strategy has been to carry little debt and deliver more than my patients expect.

KEY TO SUCCESS: Support from family, friends, colleagues and great patients.

CHALLENGES: Being a husband and a father to my two young boys and running my own business.

MISSTEP YOU LEARNED FROM: Being healthy is not a one-time thing; it’s an all-the-time thing. I put my own health aside for the day-to-day things that I thought were more important. I learned that if I didn’t take care of my health now, I would be forced to take care of my sickness later.

WHAT OTHERS COULD LEARN FROM YOU: Effective tools to reach their personal goals and physical potential.

WHO HELPED MENTOR YOU PROFESSIONALLY: When I was at a job that was less than fulfilling, my father asked me, “How can you compete at something you don’t like to do?” Simple enough, but I’ve asked this question of myself for years until I had the resolution to make a career change. I shadowed dozens of people in the healthcare industry, and although I went back to school for pre-med, my belief in the least invasive approach for treatment of pain and illness naturally led me to chiropractic.

TOP GOALS FOR 2013: As we approach the last quarter of 2013, many of my goals have been attained, including opening up a new location and providing a one-stop access to care that addresses individuals’ physical needs. I’m excited to bring in 2014, which is sure to involve more community involvement, social networking and business expansion.

ADVICE FOR OTHERS SEEKING BUSINESS SUCCESS: Love what you do. It’s the only thing that will help when you hit the inevitable barriers.

PARTING THOUGHT: Regrets usually come from the things we choose not to pursue.

B2B ID is compiled by Janice Beetle, owner of Beetle Press in Easthampton. Beetle Press offers writing, editing and graphic design services. www.beetlepress.com. To suggest a subject for B2B ID, email Beetle at beetlepress@charter.net.

Legacy Comments1

This is a wonderful article highlighting someone who is moving moutains in our business community. I have known Dr. Tim for 3 years and he continues to motivate me and inspire me both personally and professionally. When I first met Dr. Tim, I was struggling with a healthy lifestyle and having the motivation and energy that I needed to enjoy my life. Since begining work with Dr. Tim, i have lost 40 lbs, have become active and now make obstacle course running part of my life! My fitness and health journey is no where near complete, but I can point to Dr. Tim for making a difference in my life and helping me see the door to a better life and to help me walk through it! I highly reccomend him and his approach to a healthly lifestyle!

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