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Area property deed transfers

For the week ending June 7, 2013


Shirley Sprung to Susan L. Sprung, 25 Greenleaves Drive, Amherst, No consideration.

William C. Degowin, Zaneen Degowin, to Catherine W. Lowry, Robert A. Lowry, South East St., Amherst, $215,000.

Carleen R. Basler, Henry H. Chang, to Alexander W. Hiam, Deirdre R. Hiam, 57 Woodside Ave., Amherst, $435,900.

David L. Harris, Holly R. Harris, Johanna M. Harris to Robyn Charli Carpenter, 71 Amity Place, Amherst, $280,000.

Ana Gorman, Noel Gorman, Noel J. Gorman to Jeffrey S. Parker, 610 South Pleasant St., Amherst, $290,000.

Jennifer Barbour, Luca Grillo, to Shaheen Pasha, 30 Bridle Path Road, Amherst, $375,000.

Anne M Personal Representative Hansen, Peter M Est Kurz, to Erica C. Hankowski, Mark A. Hankowski, 64 Hop Brook Road, Amherst, $745,000.

1139 North Pleasant Street Irrevocable Trust, Jane Savage, Wick-Pelletier Joan to Audrey E. O’Connell, John J. O’Connell, 1139 North Pleasant St., Amherst, $262,500.

Jerry Rybczynski to James A. Larimore, 21 Hop Brook Road, Amherst, $529,000.

Carriage Shops LLC Amherst to Fikriye King, Frederick L. King, 233 North Pleasant St., Amherst, $50,000.

David B. Hammond, Jenny Heller, to Joshua A. Polak, Sarah E. Cohen, 17 Kestrel Lane, Amherst, $604,000.


Rex R. Raymond III , Rex R. Raymond Iv, to Rex R. Raymond IV, 85 Turkey Hill Road, Belchertown, $1.

Edward L. Fuller, Thomas H. Fuller, to Vision Investment Properties LLC, Off Mill Valley Road, 111 Mill Valley Road, Belchertown, $152,500.

Laurence L. Ruell, Lisa A. Ruell, to Laurence L. Ruell, 24 Autumn Lane, Belchertown, $1.

Brian Fioravanti, Brian J. Fioravanti, to Mary E. Fioravanti, Mary Fioravanti, Old Springfield Road, 330 Springfield Road, Belchertown, $1.

Carol A. Whalen, Michael Whalen, to Raj K. Shahi, Tika Shahi, 11 Newton St., Belchertown, $235,000.

Norma J. Carpin to Jason R. Couse, Lisa M. Carpin, 32 Pondview Circle, Belchertown, $150,000.

Alenka Lovy-Wheeler, Alenka Lovy, Jacob I. Wheeler to Jacob I. Wheeler, 141 Franklin St., Belchertown, $100.

Kenneth S. Hodge to Edward M. Hodge, 180 Summit St., Belchertown, $100.

Commons Group LLC to Jeung Ok Choi, Sang Woon Choi, 50 Center St., Belchertown, $270,000.

Christina J. Brownell, Mark P. Brownell, to Emily M. Wilson, 417 Allen Road, Belchertown, $174,750.


John L. Stevens to John M. Stevens, Timothy S. Stevens, Todd A. Stevens, 54 Lilac Ave., Cummington, $1.

James R. Ryan to James R. Ryan, Suzanne W. Ryan, 45 Main St., Cummington, $1.


Gail Paddock, Netania Shapiro, to Joshua C. White, Sarah E. White, 27 Colonial Ave., Easthampton, $169,000.

Katie A Gauvin, Marc A Gauvin, Revocable Indenture Of Trust Of Katie A Gauvin to Andrew M. Dunn, 57 Northampton St., Easthampton, $176,000.

Autumn Properties LLC to Vladimir Bondar, 78 Parsons St., Easthampton, $75,000.

Alan M. Dzialo, Tracey A. Dzialo, to Alan M. Dzialo, Brent M. Dzialo, Tracey A. Dzialo , 5 West Lake St., Easthampton, $1.

Andrea R. Cadieux, Andrea R. Theroux, to Joseph S. Stanganelli, 211 East St., Easthampton, $210,000.

David R. Simard, Jodee D. Simard, to Bradford W. Osgood, Hillary T. Osgood, 12 Mckinley Ave., Easthampton, $260,000.

James J. Moriarty to Cindy Miller Moriarty, James J. Moriarty, 2 Fleury Court, Easthampton, $1.

Carol A. Laurin, Ronald H. Laurin, to City Easthampton, Glendale St., Pomeroy Meadow Rd Off, Easthampton, $138,500.


Elsa C. Vitols, Mable F. Vitols, Mable Vitols to Brooke G. Schnabel, Santha Parke, 41-43 North Main St., Florence, $342,000.

Seawink LTD to 52 Maple Street Place LLC, 52 Maple St., Florence, $347,500.


Michael Emerson-Sysko, Michael S. Sysko, to Justin R. Sysko, Hyde Hill Road, Goshen, $1.


C R Dreamz LLC to Pamela A. Green, Kizior Drive, 188 Amherst St., Granby, $125,000.

Dina Brunetti, Dina K. Brunetti, Dina K. Roy to & Urban Development USA Housing, 7 Grandview Ave., Granby, $249,671.85

Pamela L. Warren, Shirley G. Warren, to Shirley G. Warren, 193 East St., Granby, $1.

Shirley G. Warren, Shirley Warren, to Pamela L. Warren, 193 East St., Granby, $1.

Hwa Boon Choe, Theresa Choe, Theresa Hager to John M. Gaughan, 7 Countryview Lane, Granby, $270,000.


Barbara L. Palangi, David M. Palangi, to Alan P. St Hilaire, Shane R. Conklin, North Lane, 9 Middle St., Hadley, $300,000.

David J. Barstow, Paula S. Barstow, to David J. Barstow, Route 47, 146 Hockanum Road, Hadley, $1.


Darci L. Smith, Darci L. Woodward, Darci Lane Smith John T. Woodward, to Darci L. Woodward, Darci Lane Smith, 19 Valley St., Hatfield, $1.

Angela Borer, Jeffrey Borer, to Angela Borer, 145 Main St., Hatfield, $1.


Ameriquest Mortgage Co, Citibank NA Tr, Clifford E. Rapisarda Marty Young, Servicing Specialized Loan LLC Attorney In Fact, SWDNSITrust, to NA Tr Citibank, SWDNSI Trust, 62 Goss Hill Road, Huntington, $153,000.

Charles M. Simmons, Melissa Jo Simmons, to Norwich Hill Wildlife Sanctuary Inc, Cullen Hill Road, Huntington, $1.


Raghunathan Karthik, Raghunathan Uma, to Ith Dianna B. Kholodar-Sm, Joseph T. Smith, 2 Shepards Hollow, 2 Shepherds Hollow, 228 Chesterfield Road, Leeds, $440,000.

Anthony F. Marincic, Anthony F Marincic Separate Property Trust, to Cynthia A. Langley, Spring St., 419 Fairway Village, Leeds, $250,000.

Bradley J. Levay, Jr., Bradley J. Levay, Carolyn J. Levay to Bradley J Levay, Jr., 5 Heffernan St., Leeds, $1.


Raymond A Letendre, Jr. to Raymond A Letendre, Jr., 12 Root Road, Middlefield, $0.


Eileen M. Sullivan Personal Representative, Timothy Sullivan, to Andres Tamayo, 62 Forbes Ave., Northampton, $300,000.

Donald A. Sullivan to Andrea Beth Sullivan, Neil Charles Sullivan, 86 Blackberry Lane, Northampton, $1.

Frank S. Perman to Frank C. Perman, 27 Woodbine Ave., Northampton, $1.

Harold L. Wyman to Dominic C. Nett, Elizabeth Nett, 100 Laurel Park, Northampton, $109,000.

Gerald Mandel, John A. Latawiec, to Julia C. Mclaughlin, 61 South St., Northampton, $198,000.

Seth K. Bredbury to Ing Fan Hsiao-Y, Seth K. Bredbury, 18 Warburton Way, Northampton, $100.

DML Development Corp to Julie E. Steiner, 23 Loudville Road, Northampton, $416,200.

South Hadley

Carolanne Bright Personal Representative, M Carol Fleury, to Linda C. Reznikiewicz, 23 Alvord Pl, South Hadley, $200,000.

Rose M. Luchini to Susan Decker, William L Luchini, Jr., 382 North Main St., South Hadley, $1.

Eva J. Krumsiek, Eve J. Krumsiek, Paul Krumsiek Paul Krumsiek Personal Representative, Peter Krumsiek Personal Representative, to Perry C. Krumsiek, 17 Lathrop St., South Hadley, $1.

Rosalie B. Kelley to Kelley Family Nominee Trust, Rosalie B. Kelley, tr., 19 Hadley St., South Hadley, $1.

Paul A Bouthiller, Jr., Tammy B. Bouthiller, Tammy Bouthiller to Heather E. Kamins, 17 Kimberly Drive, South Hadley, $325,000.

David R. Laliberte, Laliberte David R. Laliberte, Paul J. Laliberte to Christine Kelley, Evan E. Kelley, 19 Alvord Pl, South Hadley, $186,000.

Thomas A. Spring to Lori J. Souder, Morris Winston Baldwin, Jr., 311 Hadley St., South Hadley, $334,000.

Dianand Mulla to Jennifer Thantoni, 596 Newton St., South Hadley, no consideration.

Eileen A. Giannini, Eileen Courtney, to Eileen Courtney Revocable Trust, Eileen Courtney, tr., 9 Hickory Pl, South Hadley, $1.


Mary Ann Dinger to Joseph A. Brzys, Laura J. Brzys, Coleman Road, Southampton, $1.

JS Sampson Development Inc to F&G Development Corp, Bissonette Circle, Southampton, $110,000.

Js Sampson Development Inc to F&G Development Corp, Bissonette Circle, Southampton, $120,000.


Colette Ruel, Collette Ruel, Gerald L. Ruel to 2009 Morrigan Revocable Trust, Rowan Morrigan, Tr., Shirley Paine Morrigan, Tr. , Cove Road, 52 Cove Road, Westhampton, $525,000.


Elizabeth W. Harries to Elizabth W. Harries, Jennifer Whiting, Nine North Main St., 9 North Main St., Williamsburg, $1.


John P Zmud, John P Zmud Revocable Living Trust, to Kimberly M. King, Steven J. King, Glidden Road, Kinnebrook Road, 168 Kinne Brook Road, Worthington, $153,000.

Jerrilee Cain to Jerrilee Cain Revocable Trust, Jerrilee Cain, Tr., Chesterfield Road, Indian Oven Road, 591 Old Post Road, Worthington, $1.

Franklin County


David C. LaFond of South Deerfield to Diane L. LaFond, 21 Orchard Street, $1.

Theresa M. Doherty of Gill, to Doherty Investment Trust, Theresa M. Doherty, Trustee, 117 Maple Street & 116 Maple Street, $1.


HBM Properties, LLC, to H. Rennyson Merritt and Janet S. Taft of Waltham, 10 Hannabrooke Drive, $79,900.


Nancy P. D’Amato to Nancy P. D’Amato and Michael R. D’Amato, Kettle Hill Road, Parcel 2, $1.

Nancy P. D’Amato to A. Elizabeth Enema, Kettle Hill Road, Parcel One, $25,000.

Marcus F. Rose and Bethandy D. Rose to Marcus F. Rose, 36 Shore Drive & 40 Shore Drive, $1.

Marcus F. Rose to Marcus F. Rose and Bethany D. Rose, 36 Shore Drive, $1.


John A. Eaton and Jill A. Eaton, to Eaton Family Trust, John A. Eaton and Jill A. Eaton, Trustees, 48 Claverack Road, Less than $100

Jordan A. Williams to Jordan A. Williams and Christina L. Moller of Hatfield, Long Plain Road, $1.

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