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Sleep is your only tegret: This year's cultural freak-out under the dome  

Dre Rawlings is at it again. She's famous as the brains behind what she describes as her "annual cultural freak-out" and this year's event is already getting good Facebook buzz. Anyone who has been knows what I'm about to describe, and if you're not familiar with this Valley artist, designer and event maker, you will be soon. Dre Rawlings Dozens have already bought tickets and shared the May 3 event with friends. This year it's called Sleep Is Your Only Regret,' and the festivities take 0

The Lunchbox: things that never happen sometimes happen

Over the weekend we took in a movie at Amherst Cinemas called The Lunchbox. Apparently we were among many who wanted to see this movie, because the 7 pm showing was sold out. So instead of bagging out, we bought tickets for the 9:30 pm show, and went and did some errands while we waited for the start time to come around.  I never thought that this would be the case, but a movie that starts at 9:30 is a dangerous idea. How many times have 0

Green River Festival: Today's the last day to buy early bird tickets!

Some of my friends remarked that were not happy about the fees that apply when you buy Green River Festival tickets on line. Well, I have the answer but you better hurry!  Today is the last day you can buy the discounted tickets, the price goes up after this. But if you want to save the $14.93 fee that applies to tickets you by online at Ticketfly, then walk over to Signature Sounds on Masonic St, near Packards. Go to the back door, and bring CASH! 1

Coal is here to stay, and China is working on ways to capture the CO2

   Yesterday was Earth Day, and in commemoration, I read a story in Wired about the future of a particularly controversial source of energy, coal. The point that the story made is that there is no way that the world is going to stop using coal for electricity, it's too entrenched, plentiful, and cheap, so the best way to achieve a happy ending is to push to develop ways to capture the carbon and bury it deep underground.  Yes Virginia, there IS such a thing as 0

A community supper brings neighbors together in South Deerfield this Friday night

Julie Cavacco wants to bring people together in our small village of South Deerfield. So that's why she's organizing a community supper this Friday night, with a free dinner for anyone who wants to sit down at the table at the Congregational church on North Main Street from 6-7 pm.  I admire that Julie is putting this together, and I totally understand why she wants to do it. Like Julie, I like feeling a sense of community, and I like occasions where I can talk to 0

Things we learned from our kitchen renovation

We're just days away from being finished with our kitchen renovation, and we've learned quite a bit along the way. Here are a few of the things we picked up in this process, which has been percolating in my head for many years.  I have been staring at a stain on the kitchen ceiling for more than 10 years, and that's one of the motivators that pushed me to decide to go for this. Ceiling stains are caused by plumbing problems so if you have this 0

Our most excellent GoNOMAD interns are flying off on assignment

Since 2004, we have had interns from UMass who work for GoNOMAD during the school year and often during the summer. The interns who have worked with us have all contributed mightily to our body of stories, and each of them has left their own mark. I often marvel at how great some of these young people are at writing and at social media, and some times I am left disappointed in them too.   Dan Peltier There is one consistency that I see every 0

Easthampton's Art Walk and Galaxy, a perfect spring combination

It was the first warm night of spring as we drove past woods erupting with the sounds of peepers on our way to Easthampton on Saturday night. It was the monthly Art Walk, and as we turned the corner onto Cottage Street, it was clear that the balmy weather and excitement about this up and coming city had brought out big crowds. It was easy to find a parking space (when did you ever find this in Northampton!?) and we made our way to the 0

Sofie reminds me to play every time she visits

What do you do when a little girl pays a visit to your house? I often am confronted with this when my daughter Kate asks me if I can watch Sofie, her five-year-0ld daughter on a weekday. There are times when I think I should decline, and tell her how busy I am and that I can't possibly drop everything and babysit.  But I never do that, well, almost never. Because I am of the belief that you can get things done while little ones visit, 0

Basketball games so late that the next day is foggy

It's funny how I notice things that once went unnoticed as I advance in age. Last night I watched the NCAA Men's basketball finals that didn't start until 9 pm. We had been invited by a couple we like to come have dinner at their house and watch the game. Later on when our two spouses were confirming the plan, one of them realized that the game didn't START until 9 pm. Too late.  So we dropped the plan to go to dinner in Greenfield and 0