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ID: Brian Todd Marchese

  • Brian Marchese<br/>KEVIN GUTTING
  • Brian Marchese<br/>KEVIN GUTTING

Since 1994, Brian Marchese has played drums on some 25 albums, for a dozen different artists. He’s also released three, going on four, albums of his own material. But you may know him as the guy who tells you your books are due back in three weeks, and that fiction is in the next room over.

Full name: Brian Todd Marchese

People know you as: A select few have called me “Cheese,” based on a popular mispronunciation of my last name, but don’t you start. For the record, it’s pronounced Mar-kay-zee.

Date and place of birth: Dec. 6, 1972, Huntington Beach, Calif.

Address: Northampton

Job: Library guy at Forbes and Jones; drumming guy for several bands; songwriting guy for Sitting Next to Brian

Who lives under the same roof as you? My wife, Beth, and my 8-year-old stepson, Elliott.

Education: Bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Massachusetts Amherst

Pets: None at the moment. I am dying for a cat or two but gotta convince the landlord, or else buy a house

Hobbies: Writing my blog, which has been largely neglected since I stopped being unemployed last year.

Book you’d recommend to a friend: I can’t handle the responsibility of making recommendations. I’ll tell you that the ridiculous pile by my bed includes works by Oliver Sacks, Peter Criss, William Blake, Dom Delillo, Jonathan Ames, Andrew Sullivan, Eric Weiner and Carl Jung. I’m one-third done with all of them

Favorite movie/TV show/singer or group: Movie — “Searching for Sugarman” totally blew my mind; TV: “Bored to Death” left me wanting 10 more seasons; singer — I’m SO looking forward to Michael Nesmith at the Iron Horse ... in a small club five minutes from my apartment ... am I dreaming?

Five items you can’t live without: Drums, laptop, people to play music with, Beth, fake chicken patties

Last thing you purchased just for fun: The new Camper Van Beethoven album

What’s at the top of your bucket list? I’d like to hear that “Sitting Next to Brian” (my solo project) has been hugely popular in Iceland and New Zealand for the past five years, but all the emails were going to my spam box

Life-changing experience: A fire in 2006 that killed my cat and destroyed 90 percent of my possessions. I thought of becoming a possessionless Buddhist so I wouldn’t have to start all over, but there were too many loose ends, gigs to play, songs to write, fun to be had, bummers to weather

Strangest job you ever held: Delivering Boston Globes, between 3 and 7 a.m., the summer after my freshman year of college.

Little-known facts about you: I can’t swim, despite taking lessons; I can drum, despite never taking lessons; I broke a rib when someone hugged me; I smile at and talk out loud to every animal I see when I’m alone

What really sets you off? Prejudice. Entitlement. Insensitivity. Cruelty to animals. The U.S. Congress

If you could spend the day with a celebrity from any time in history, who would it be? Bob Dylan during the middle of 1967 when he was secluded from the public eye and writing his most amazing songs. Because that time hasn’t been documented to death, it remains somewhat of a mystery

Best advice you ever received: 1) “You can’t make it if you’re in more than one band” — Joe Pernice, to me in 1997. I never followed it for a second. Thus, I’m not doing music for a living, but I’ve got a lot of notches on my bass drum. 2) “Grow your hair out and stop dressing like a dork”— my sister Alyssa, when I was starting high school. I took that advice

Favorite place to get a bite: Thigh. Doesn’t hurt as much and not as life-threatening

Your favorite team/athlete: 1978 Dodgers, 1967 Red Sox, 1971 Pirates, 1986 Celtics/Carl Yastrzemski, Davy Lopes, Dock Ellis, Larry Bird

One thing you would change about yourself: I wish I could schmooze and sell myself better. I wish I didn’t have such a wandering, inattentive, ADD mind. I wish I could believe any praise I receive. I wish my inner critic wasn’t constantly giving me two stars

What gives you the creeps? I’m squeamish about medical things — I wish we were all plants, instead of things that bleed and vomit and poop. Also, sour cream floating in borscht is gross

People who knew you in high school thought you were: A) a weirdo, tripped-out drummer with fluffy hair, sideburns, who wore ugly Beatle boots and striped turtlenecks, or B) a funny, creative drummer and songwriter with great taste who might invite you over to drink mint tea and watch the Monkees after school

Parting shot: Keep on chooglin’. Don’t look back in anger. Dance between the raindrops. Close the window, calm the light and it will be all right

Editor’s Note — To suggest someone for ID, email Keri-Ann Aubin at kaubin@gazettenet.com.

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Best drummer from the right coast, at least! But I think he's just dreaming about Nesmith at the IronHorse - Bob Mould rocked it better than anyone I've seen there...

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