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1 For the past 28 years, the Northampton Center for the Arts has put on the popular First Night celebration. But the center’s future and location is now in doubt. So who is going to run First Night this year?

(a) Cooley Dickinson Hospital.

(b) The Iron Horse.

(c) The Calvin Theater.

(d) The Northampton Center for the Arts.

2 Which street in a Valley community has earned the status of a cultural district — and why?

(a) Amherst’s Main Street, because Emily Dickinson lived there.

(b) Northampton’s Kirkland Avenue (well, it’s an alley, really), for its colorful murals.

(c) Springfield’s Taylor Street, known for its wildlife renderings.

(d) Easthampton’s Cottage Street, for its bookshops and galleries.

3 What was Northampton Ward 6 City Councilor Marianne LaBarge upset about last Saturday?

(a) The installation of three new traffic lights on Ryan Road right in front of her house.

(b) The increased fly-overs by National Guard jets out of Barnes Airport over her house.

(c) The cold spring.

(d) A bomb squad detonated a firework unannounced at a nearby quarry after the firework had been found at Look Park.

4 What is one reason people are welcoming the decision to create a youth orchestra linked to the Pioneer Valley Symphony?

(a) Rock music is believed to depress MCAS scores.

(b) Soundproof practice rooms.

(c) Because so many schools are cutting or eliminating their music education programs.

(d) Not much call for bassoons in marching bands.

5 The city of Easthampton is experiencing a welcome boom in what type of business?

(a) Fifteen tattoo parlors now welcome you with open arms.

(b) Bank branches continue to pop up like mushrooms after it rains.

(c) Sushi restaurants continue to pop up like those mushrooms mentioned in the previous sentence.

(d) Three breweries are planning on opening up shop there this year.

6 Why did an action last week by the state Supreme Judicial Court carry special meaning for a 13-year-old Easthampton boy?

(a) He filed an amicus brief in the matter, concerning skateboarding rights.

(b) He must now pay damages in a vandalism case from back when he was 10.

(c) It is now legal in Massachusetts to own marsupials.

(d) Anyone over the age of 12 can elect to be tattooed.

7 The quote by a top U.S. official, “We live in a sea of dark matter,” refers to what?

(a) The U.S. House of Representatives.

(b) The latest novel by William H. Gass, “Middle C.”

(c) The massive algae in Lake Erie.

(d) Dark matter (you know, the stuff that holds the universe together).

8 What does a local middle school campaign, “We Live Here Too,” seek to achieve?

(a) Remind parents there is more to life than “Downton Abbey.”

(b) Connect with extraterrestrials through tweets.

(c) Convince UMass students to tone it down when partying.

(d) Taking turns on that upper bunk.

9 Nearly 2,000 UMass students, parents and alumni have signed a petition supporting what measure?

(a) More red meat in the dining commons.

(b) Bringing the football team back to campus.

(c) Less red meat in the dining commons.

(d) Having UMass divest from fossil fuel companies.

10 How did an anonymous videographer title a YouTube posting last weekend?

(a) Me vs. the Northampton Massachusetts Police

(b) Northampton Massachusetts Police Brutality

(c) They Don’t Call Me a Bar-ister for Nothing

(d) If You Lived Here, You’d Be Hassled, But You’d Be Home By Now

Answers: 1-d (Don’t ask); 2-d; 3-d; 4-c; 5-d; 6-b; 7-d; 8-c; 9-d; 10-b

Monte’s answer: c

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