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1 Amherst firefighters have agreed to continue working schedules of:

(a) Four 10-hour shifts a week.

(b) 12 hours on, one day off, 12 hours on, one day off, rest on Thursday, 24 hours on, do some push-ups, two days off.

(c) Five eight-hour shifts, two days off on alternating leap years.

(d) 24 hours on, 24 hours off, 24 hours on, five days off.

2 What unusual Christmas gift did a child find in Amherst last month?

(a) U.S. Savings Bond for 10,000 Chinese yuan.

(b) Credits for the online game Farmville.

(c) A newly completed dollhouse replica of her grandmother’s 1870 home.

(d) A day reviewing Congressional correspondence with former U.S. Rep. John Olver.

3 Alabama crushed Notre Dame in the college football BCS title game Tuesday night, 42-14. What headline did the Gazette use for this rout?

(a) Irish eyes aren’t smiling

(b) Roll, Tide? Yes indeed!

(c) Green red-faced

(d) Crimson all over clover

4 What drew scores of people to Holyoke last weekend?

(a) A clearance sale at mall’s Build-A-Bear Workshop.

(b) A ball marking the start of a new “Downton Abbey” season.

(c) Samples of Paper City Brewery’s lesser-known products: Denogginator, 1 Earred Monkey and Ped Hat Razzberry.

(d) A UFO sighting.

5 The Casino Careers Training Institute will be partnering with state community colleges to help train people for jobs in the coming casino industry. What types of jobs, you ask?

(a) Threatening blackjack cheaters in the back room with a hammer and chainsaw.

(b) Skimming 10 percent off the top to grease the skids for you-know-who.

(c) The proper way to hand back a ballpoint pen to an abusive customer in a bar, just like Joe Pesci in “Casino.”

(d) Dealing, as well as over 40 other casino-related posts, like hospitality and restaurant positions.

6 What strategic shift is guiding MassMutual Financial Group, the Springfield firm?

(a) Cornering the market in Romney memorabilia.

(b) A really nervy contrarian play on the euro.

(c) Selling long-term care insurance to boomers.

d) Marketing its products to minority groups.

7 What did a former Northampton native leave to the New York Public Library after she died?

(a) A picture of Tony Marx from 1982.

(b) Her first editions of “Little House on the Prairie.”

(c) $500.

(d) $10 million, the same amount Mary McConnell Bailey left to the Central Park Conservancy.

8 What record was set in the U.S. last year?

(a) Most money spent on presidential campaigns.

(b) Warmest year in a string of rising average temperatures.

(c) Most holiday shopping conducted online.

(d) Least productive Congress (the 112th session) in history.

9 A mysterious object was sighted over Amherst Tuesday night. What did the Amherst police have to say about the incident?

(a) Nothing, the entire police station was vacant and all the police cars were hanging in trees.

(b) That the object was a beer keg thrown out of a high-rise dorm at UMass.

(c) Call us when you have something important to report.

(d) No crop circles or abductions were reported and the area’s cows seemed to be doing just fine.

10 A letter to the editor this week took aim at what downtown Northampton activity?

(a) Littering.

(b) Pedestrian nonchalance in crosswalks.

(c) Off-key busking.

(d) Sidewalk fundraising by the Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

Answers: 1-d; 2-c; 3-d; 4-b; 5-d; 6-d; 7-d; 8-all of the above; 9-d; 10-d

Monte’s answer: a

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