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Survey: Mass. market scanners 100 percent accurate

BOSTON — A new state survey of supermarket price scanners has good news for price-conscious consumers.

The study by the Office of Consumer Affairs and the Division of Standards found 100 percent price accuracy between the prices advertised on store shelves and the prices that popped up on scanners located at registers and in aisles.

The survey follows a new state law signed by Gov. Deval Patrick last year designed to provide stronger consumer protections for shoppers while letting businesses use high technology scanner systems.

The law lets stores waive previous regulations, which had required individual sticker pricing for each item. Stores can now offer scanners as a means to check prices as long as they get approval from the Division of Standards first.

The new regulations took effect in January.

Legacy Comments1

That's ridiculous. There is room for human error in every process. For instance, even if the tags and scanners all come from the same computer program, it takes human effort to put the tags on the shelf. It's not conceivable that no one ever makes a mistake in the system.

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