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Jim Russell, left, Francis Fox
As you can probably imagine, sometimes my job as a news photographer makes me uncomfortable.
We regularly go to house fires, accidents, courtroom trials and other events that are often a scene of tragedy.
So, last month, when I was asked to get a photo of suspended Belchertown Police Chief Francis Fox, who was to meet with the Select Board at Town Hall for an executive session that was called as a result of an alleged DUI by the chief, I wasn't looking forward to it.
I didn't know how the chief would react to a picture. He might allow a shot, or even talk to the media; or, conversely, avoid the media until the executive session, where there would be no photos allowed and I would have nothing.
I decided to arrive about an hour before the meeting. The room where the Select Board meets was dark with the door closed. I listened, looked and found Fox talking with his attorney in the Town Hall's auditorium.
I simply walked in, made eye contact with Fox, and took a few photos from about 25 feet away. I then asked if they planned to talk to the media and Fox's attorney answered "no plan to at this time" and I left the room to give them back their privacy.
Job over, right? No. They had to make the walk from the auditorium to the meeting room and that could be a picture, too.
The nearly hour-long wait was tiring, but eventually Fox and his attorney walked to the meeting room. But instead of entering, they stopped outside the room and lingered in the hallway. I still don't know why.
This I hadn't expected. There they were, standing a few feet away for several minutes, as I took more pictures. It must be years since I felt this awkward and uncomfortable, and I'm sure they felt it, too.
Relief arrived in the form of Jim Russell, a reporter for The Republican.
Just before the meeting was to start, Russell bounded up the stairs and stopped short as he saw the chief.
"Oh, hi chief. Hey, care if I get a picture? Russell asked.
"Well, everyone else has," Fox replied.
Fox then put his back up against a white wall and posed for a shot for Russell. 
And I, of course, took this picture.

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Sometimes my job as a news photographer makes me uncomfortable; we regularly go to house fires, accidents, trials and other events that are often a scene of tragedy. So, when I was asked to get a photo of suspended Belchertown Police Chief Francis Fox, I wasn’t looking forward to it. Fox was about to meet with the town’s select board …

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