Ted Kallman: Not surprised bicyclist killed on Nonotuck Street

Thursday, May 18, 2017
Not surprised cyclist killed on Nonotuck Street

It comes as no surprise to me that a cyclist was finally killed on Nonotuck Street (“Man killed while biking,” May 17).

I have lived on Hinckley Street for seven years and ride a bike and/or walk my dogs on or across that street every day. I have had many close calls because motorists use the street like a drag strip.

I recall a Gazette article that raised the question of traffic enforcement on the street. The response of the police and city officials was that they had limited manpower for that and used it where there was a major issue. I hope they consider a death a major “issue,” and begin patrolling and ticketing speeders regularly.

The city’s previous attempts to slow people down — flashing signs and “temporary” speed bumps — do not work. Speeders ignore the former and immediately accelerate after the latter.

It is time for Northampton’s mayor and city officials to pay more attention to the needs of its local taxpaying residents, and less to the needs of the business district, making Pleasant Street more attractive for visitors and putting high-density housing in residential neighborhoods that never receive the benefits of the increased tax revenues.

Ted Kallman