Shelley Schieffelin: Kevin Hassett appointment welcome shift

Thursday, April 20, 2017
Hassett appointment welcome shift

President Trump has failed his base on many counts. There will be no “Great Wall,” no prosecution of Hillary Clinton, no massive jobs initiatives and no ban on Muslin immigration.

In fact, with respect to immigration he has made an appointment that will disappoint many who voted for him but might be a small sign of hope for voters who believe that America has a role to play in the growing global crisis of displacement. The appointment of Kevin A. Hassett as his top White House economist at the Council of Economic Advisers comes as a surprise to many of us.

Hassett sees immigration as one of the engines that drives a thriving economy. While Hassett’s views are based on economic growth rather than basic justice, his openness to immigration would be a welcome shift.

Shelley Schieffelin