Eric Thompson-Martin: Baffled by opposition to solar project in Shutesbury

Sunday, May 07, 2017
Baffled by opposition to solar project

As a resident of Shutesbury, I am baffled by the strong opposition to the plan to install a solar array off Pratt Corner Road.

I was dismayed to see a letter (“Object to installing solar array in Shutesbury,” May 3) when its only mention of the benefits of solar was, “Solar energy, in its proper form, may be the hope for our future, but this is hardly cause to...” as it went on to describe the baseless claim that the location is a Native American burial site.

Maybe it is because as a high school student I know that I personally will be affected by global warming for my entire life, but it is clear to me that solar power is necessary to prevent the destruction of nature.

Why are the 30 acres near our homes more important than the millions upon millions of acres of coastline all around the world that are under the constantly growing threat of destruction with every passing storm? These coasts were often the home of Native Americans as well.

In the past few decades, Native American groups have been major advocates of all efforts to fight climate change, especially solar, and Shutesbury as a town has also generally been supportive of environmental issues. I call out to all of Shutesbury that it is our responsibility to help this global fight.

People all around America are refusing to do their part because they do not want to make some small, everyday sacrifices. Some don’t want to give up driving their Hummers and others don’t want to give up 30 acres of forest in their town, but we all must realize that the whole Earth requires these sacrifices in order to prevent massive destruction of the natural world.

Eric Thompson-Martin