Barbara Pearson: Earth Day March for Science in Amherst

Sunday, April 16, 2017
Earth Day March for Science in Amherst

I want to thank Naila Moreira for her timely and touching column (“Telling the story of science,” April 12). She makes a strong case for two-way communication on a personal basis between scientists and non-scientists.

She mentions the Earth Day Marches for Science in Washington, D.C., Boston and other cities. There also will be a local march for people who want to join the worldwide voice of support. The March for Science website (www.marchforscience.com) lists more than 500 official satellite marches on every continent — from Nepal to Montenegro, Uganda, Argentina, Australia, and in every U.S. state, including at Yellowstone National Park and in western Massachusetts.

We will march in downtown Amherst the morning of April 22. That will be in conjunction with the Amherst Sustainability Fair where the march committee will have teach-ins and demonstrations. We hope everyone can lend their support from wherever in the world they will be.

Barbara Pearson