Food columnist Lucy Pickett found a novel solution for leftover lobster

  • Whole Lobster Alexandra Grablewski—Getty Images

Friday, September 01, 2017

Oh, what a leftover dilemma I was in on Monday night. I had two leftover lobsters, woe is me, and three people to feed.

What’s a person to do?

If I just reheated the lobster and served it like that, it could be a major problem. Who would get the extra claw? How would we split the tail? Gawd, the problems one has to deal with in this life.

If this sounds trite, that’s because it is. But with all the problems out in the real world, sometimes trite is the way to go. Let’s just escape for a moment into trite-land. Not to be confused with tripe-land. That might be where Lou would go.

So, what did I do with the lobster? I made lobster tostadas with some other leftovers I had on hand.

I mixed the shelled-cut-up-into-chunks lobster meat with the juice of one lime, some leftover corn cut off the cob, some chopped cucumbers and tomatoes, a diced avocado a pinch of cumin, about a teaspoon of chili powder, salt and pepper. I brushed five corn tortillas, I had in the freezer, with avocado oil and baked them until they were crisp.

I topped the tortillas with the mixture and grated some cheese over it and broiled it for a few minutes until the cheese melted. Then I put a good amount of cilantro on each tostada for garnish, and because I like it a lot.

And, yes, somehow we managed to split five tostadas among three people.

It may sound trite, but it was a great way to use up some pesky lobster leftovers.

P.S. Sorry, back to the real world. Please find it in your hearts to donate to the victims of the floods in Houston.


Leftover lobster is a contradiction in terms.

Leftover lobster shells? Make stock. Leftover lobster meat? I do not believe this is a real thing.

And I agree with your comment about Houston. Time to donate to the Red Cross or another worthy charity that can help the thousands of displaced people.

Nothing trite about that.