Valley Views: Sheep Laurel in Belchertown

Published: 7/6/2018 12:43:12 PM

Sheep Laurel

Route 9, Belchertown

Photograph and text by Georgette deFriesse, Belchertown

I've been walking daily in the woods along a short stretch of the Jabish since 1974, but it was only a few years ago that I first noticed sheep laurel blooming along the path. Since the stand is still small, I think it only recently found its way to that location. Not much more than 3 feet tall, sheep laurel is easily overlooked until it blossoms...and then it's quite pretty. The flowers grow in a cluster close to the stem near the top of the plant, little red jewels in a green setting; you can't help but want to go take a closer look. I made this photo June 9 using a tripod-mounted DSLR and a medium zoom lens.

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