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Daniel Miller: Peeved by prevalence of ‘microaggression’
05-29-2024 4:26 PM

I’m grateful to learn that the Anti-Defamation League’s No Place for Hate Program is catching hold at Belchertown’s Jabish Middle School [“Change for a school’s climate,” Gazette, May 16]. I feel a personal tie to that place because I was a...

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Joseph Morse: So much to be thankful for
05-09-2024 9:17 AM

So much to be thankful for … with the war in Gaza so many other world problems have disappeared from the Gazette’s pages. No more climate crisis, no war in Ukraine, no border crisis and no starvation in Sudan. Could it really be that calls for a...

Letter: It's not Us vs Them
05-09-2024 9:17 AM

I have been very disappointed in the rhetoric around the school budget. The issue began when the School Committee spent one-time COVID money on ongoing costs like teacher salaries. That was a mistake on their part that is causing the current...

Letter: No taxation without representation
05-06-2024 1:36 PM

The students of Frontier Regional make a compelling argument to lower the voting age to 16. Actuarially speaking, a 16-year-old has a far greater stake in the decisions made by our elected officials than a 60-year-old does.There is another compelling...

Letter: Commonsense/Common Good
05-06-2024 1:36 PM

Kudos to Northampton School Committee member Karen Foster Cannon for her vote against a proposed Northampton Public Schools budget that would increase spending by 17%, necessitating deep cuts in other city services [“Board takes stand for no school...

Letter: Support the Zoning Amendment for a Better Northampton
05-06-2024 1:36 PM

Prime Northampton real estate that has the potential to improve the entire community isn’t available for development very often.In 2010, the decision to relocate Kollmorgen (now L3 Harris) to the former State Hospital grounds prevented the South...

Bill Hodgeman: Northampton mourns Bill Hairston
04-07-2024 7:00 AM

On Friday, March 22, Bill Hairston breathed his last breath at the age of 86. Bill, an expert in addiction therapy, served as the head counselor for the United States Department of Veterans Affairs where he treated patients, supervised counselors, and...

Annette Pfannebecker: Support the Sunlight Act
03-14-2024 2:46 PM

It is disheartening to hear that our state Legislature is one of the least transparent in the nation. While we see our House and Senate representatives do so much for the districts they serve, writing and passing important legislation, there are also...

Kira Jewett: We need kids’ perspectives!
02-27-2024 5:12 PM

I deeply enjoyed all the wonderful perspective and commentary offered in “Ordering off the kid’s menu,” [Gazette, Feb. 24] in which 9-year-old Azai Dugger offered his go-to local restaurants. But beyond mere enjoyment, I was struck by how rare — and...

Merriam Ansara: Cable subsidy is tax philanthropy to the rich
02-23-2024 4:05 PM

According to the Feb. 22 Gazette report, “Thousands could lose internet service,” when the federal government ends the Affordable Connectivity Act, the ACP, some 55,000 people will be affected in the region. Well, my goodness. Why on earth should the...

Linda Butler: Hooray for heat pumps, rebates, and tax credits
02-18-2024 1:40 PM

I’m looking at a check I’ve just received from National Grid thanks to the MassSave rebate program for installing heat pumps. $10,000! Makes me feel warm all over. So do my new mini-splits. I won’t claim that getting them was quick or easy. For me, it...

Anna Nagurney: Thanks for the uplifting, terrific local journalism
01-26-2024 3:42 PM

I’d like to commend the Gazette journalists and staff for the outstanding Jan. 25 print edition, which continues to make me smile (and that is quite needed during these very challenging times).From the front page article on the NHS senior Noah...

John Connolly: Trump’s dictatorial desires easy to see
01-24-2024 5:30 PM

A recent writer to the Gazette bemoans the lack of “moderate or right-leaning contributors” to the paper [”Pursuit of liberty will sweep away ‘elitist liberalism,” Gazette, Jan. 23] He proceeds to mock the idea that Trump aspires to dictatorial power....

Guest columnist Joseph Cadette: Pursuit of liberty will sweep away ‘elitist liberalism’
01-22-2024 5:10 PM


I can sincerely say the vast majority of my Democrat friends and neighbors are caring, well meaning, even overly generous people. We may not all agree politically, but they are kind and respectful. Like all of us, I have so very many important things...

Alex Gray: Why are we sending money out of state?
01-18-2024 7:02 PM

I read the Gazette every morning, and find myself fairly amused at the discourse over small issues in Amherst. However, I was not amused to read that the School Committee has contracted with an executive search firm in Omaha, Nebraska. Were there no...

Jay Kilbourn: Book banning becomes a means to an end
01-17-2024 3:56 PM

Recent Gazette articles and opinion pieces about book bannings and libraries brought back memories. In 1974, I served as the founding director of a community and university library in Reiger Park, Boksburg, Republic of South Africa. Our library served...

Joe Silverman: Warm and happy with my mini-splits
01-14-2024 5:04 PM

There have been two recent pieces in the Gazette pointing out negative aspects of installing mini-splits. First of all, it’s important to emphasize the importance of transitioning home heating and cooling from fossil fuels to electric. Scientists are...

Alex Kent: Table saws demand respect
01-12-2024 1:12 PM

As a part-time woodworker and carpenter, I was happy to see that a German company has bought and is operating a wood- and metalworking company in Northampton [“A luxurious acquisition,” Gazette, Jan. 11]. I was surprised, however, at the front-page...

Emmett White: Remember little things that spread goodwill
07-18-2018 11:49 PM

Remember little things that spread goodwill Although some find much that is discomforting or at fault with American society, it is sometimes valuable to take a step back and reflect on the tremendous material abundance that exists in most of our...

Peg Conniff: Urges women to run for Easthampton office
07-30-2017 11:39 PM

Urges women to run for Easthampton office We have all heard the phrase “All politics is local.” This election year, it is more meaningful than ever in Easthampton. We will have a new mayor. We will also have at least three new City Council members,...

Tamson Ely: Says state supports Jones Library project
07-30-2017 11:37 PM

Says state supportsJones Library project The editorial “Hadley, Amherst face library decisions” in the Bulletin and Gazette (July 28) about the state-funded library construction grants focused attention on the importance of libraries, their challenges...

Displaying articles 1 to 20 out of 103 total.

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