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04-17-2024 1:22 PM

Photo: Lime spreader

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Kurt Heidinger: Democratic voters support universal human rights
04-14-2024 8:10 PM

Gallup reports that 18% of Democratic voters support Israel’s violence against Palestinians. The revulsion the other 82% feels is caused by Israel’s attack on the doctrine of universal human rights, a doctrine expressed in the Declaration of...

Guest columnist Jonathan Kahane: One ‘Deluge’ that hits home, another that missed
03-19-2024 4:36 PM


A couple of months ago my son recommended a book to me. You’d think I’d have learned by now to treat any advice he proffers with extreme caution. Against my better judgment, I reasoned, he’s 37 years old now, married, raising a family, and an...

Selena Rose: The cult-like mentality of rural living
03-14-2024 2:46 PM

Gorgeous scenery, flowing rivers, diverse wildlife for miles — a perceived utopia to any outsider, and the very things that attracted me to western Massachusetts from a big city like Philadelphia. Imagine my dismay after finally arriving at a place...

Photos: Pampered pooches
03-09-2024 2:46 PM

Leverett, Shutesbury, Westhampton join digital equity program to expand internet to all residents
02-25-2024 2:31 PM


All Leverett and Shutesbury residents have access to high-speed Internet connections, following the municipal build-out of broadband over the last decade or so, but a small portion of households continue to opt against becoming subscribers.In...

Kurt Heidinger: McGovern voted to bar PLO members from entering U.S. 
02-06-2024 4:01 PM

On Jan. 31, Congressman Jim McGovern voted for H.R.6679 [No Immigration Benefits for Hamas Terrorists Act], which passed. It makes it illegal for representatives of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) to enter the United States. The Biden...

Southampton moves to withhold payment to Hampshire Regional amid problems in school business office
02-04-2024 10:24 AM


SOUTHAMPTON — The Southampton Select Board agreed last week to withhold paying its quarterly assessment to the Hampshire Regional School District in response to ongoing challenges in the school district’s business office that are putting the town’s...

Guest columnist Jonathan Kahane: Can’t let mistaken criticisms of column go unanswered
01-31-2024 6:33 PM

By JONATHAN KAHANE Now that some of the dust has settled since my last guest column [“Haunted by questions with no good answers,” Gazette, Dec. 28], I will take this opportunity to try and rectify distortions that were submitted in letters during the...

Guest columnists Greg Reynolds and Jesse Porter-Henry: Educator pay and benefits should align with community values
01-15-2024 7:01 PM


Saying that we were moved barely begins to describe how we felt on Jan. 8 when student after student spoke on educators’ behalf at the Hampshire Regional School Committee meeting. Current students, recent grads now in college and those who are into...

Guest columnist Jonathan Kahane: Haunted by questions with no good answers
12-28-2023 8:03 PM


Last week I ran into a woman I know from town in our local library. I stopped to say hello and to wish her and her family a happy holiday season. At one point during our conversation, she asked me what the subject of my next column in the Gazette...

Rain, wind pummel Hampshire County throughout Monday
12-18-2023 4:21 PM


NORTHAMPTON — Hampshire County faced several road closures, power outages and flooding after strong winds and heavy rainfall that began on Sunday night and continued through much of Monday.In Northampton, at least two streets, West Street and Meadow...

Guest columnist Jonathan Kahane: One new family story to tell
11-30-2023 6:31 AM


My 78th Thanksgiving has come and gone — the quintessential American family holiday when kin gather together to tell the same old stories and laugh at the same old jokes over and over again. (Did I tell you the one about the time in 1955 when I went...

Rash of car break-ins reported in Westhampton, Southampton, Easthampton
10-19-2023 2:45 PM


Police are urging residents to lock their car doors following a string of recent car break-ins in Westhampton, Southampton and Easthampton.Just after midnight on Sunday going into Monday, Westhampton saw four car break-ins at one address, along with...

Guest columnist Jonathan Kahane: Compromise is overrated
10-18-2023 9:40 PM


I am constantly astonished, make that flabbergasted, upon reading the Gazette’s opinion page, at the extraordinary number of “experts” in every discipline under the sun residing in our “Happy Valley.” Some of the “solutions” proposed recently by...

Around the Hamptons: Southampton eyes vehicle storage bylaw; Easthampton School Committee candidates forum; flu clinics in Easthampton, Westhampton
10-16-2023 12:04 PM


SOUTHAMPTON — A proposed new bylaw would prohibit property owners from storing more than one unregistered vehicle or trailer on their property, with certain exceptions.The bylaw aims to regulate the storage of unregistered vehicles and “simultaneously...

Guest columnist Jonathan Kahane: Real Truth — Failure is indeed an option
09-11-2023 6:29 PM


Aging can be a relentless and stern master who often rewards his students with wisdom, that is if the students are willing and eager to put their minds to the task. Unfortunately, more often than not, the opportunity to acquire this understanding is...

Around the Hamptons: Green initiative supports local nonprofits in Hilltown region
08-20-2023 3:00 PM


WESTHAMPTON — A New York-based solar power producer has launched a philanthropic “Green Initiative” to support environmental conservation efforts and local nonprofit organizations, including several in the Hilltown region.The solar producer, Changing...

Lynn K. Cooper: City must maintain its tennis courts
08-04-2023 11:31 AM

Mr. Warner’s recent letter regarding the state of disrepair of the tennis courts at JFK Middle School hit the nail on the head [“JFK school tennis courts need attention,” Gazette, July 25]. It makes little sense to throw money at a design for...

Guest columnist Jonathan Kahane: ‘Richest nation in the world?’ One cliché not worth its salt
08-03-2023 3:42 PM


‘You can’t have your cake and eat it too.” “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” “The third time is a charm.” There are countless clichés in the English language, and they are usually condescending, hackneyed, contradictory, and/or used in the wrong...

2023 Gazette Softball Player of the Year: Jocelyn Mettey, Hampshire Regional
07-21-2023 8:11 PM


Jocelyn Mettey handed Hampshire Regional softball coach Brian McGan the game ball back. She’d just thrown a no-hitter, usually a career achievement.“That was kind of unique. It didn’t really strike her as a big performance,” McGan said. “She knew the...

Displaying articles 1 to 20 out of 66 total.

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