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Florice B. Simeone: Defending women’s health a duty and privilege
07-16-2024 5:43 PM

Wild animals give birth. They go through the “maternal process,” but sometimes complications occur. They may bleed, experience terrible pains, and die — probably in a pile of wet, dirty leaves or a dark, deep hole.Domesticated animals who experience...

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James Maiewski: Full speed ahead
07-11-2024 8:05 PM

It appears that some people’s concept of common sense is at variance to my own. If you can suspend your disbelief, imagine all automobiles traveling in the Central Business District under 15 mph.At this speed, simple roundels could replace traffic...

Mark Frost: South Main Street project
07-09-2024 3:00 PM

I travel South Main Street in Williamsburg quite often and it is a nice residential street. The houses are well kept, and the people are nice. Rarely do I see many bicyclists.This whole project [“Rail trail objections lose out,” Gazette, July 2]...

Building 8 Brewing closing after 9-year run in Florence
07-09-2024 2:44 PM


NORTHAMPTON — Building 8 Brewing, one of the area’s premier craft breweries, has permanently ceased operations after almost a decade in business, the owners announced in a Facebook post this week.The post stated that the brewery, co-owned by Meghan...

Jacquelyn Ballance: Why not mediate Main Street disputes?
07-06-2024 8:18 PM

I appreciated David McCutcheon’s July 2 guest column “Common sense needed with Main Street redesign.” Within a few hours I read a variety of wildly differing responses to it on Facebook. I’d like to share my own evolution with this plan here. A couple...

Susan E. Routhier: Smith Voc graduation
07-05-2024 12:37 PM

I had a wonderful experience attending this year’s graduation ceremony. Speakers seemed connected to the students and the school. The school used several shops to complete the tasks needed to make it a success … carpentry built the stage, graphic...

David Arbeitman: President Biden — Thank you for your service but please step aside
07-01-2024 4:53 PM

President Joe Biden has accomplished much in the 3½ years that he’s been in office including: addressing the climate crisis, expanding the Affordable Care Act, bringing down unemployment, caring for our veterans, and fighting for reproductive rights,...

John Sinton: Misunderstanding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
06-28-2024 2:22 PM

With reference to David Kotz’s column of June 26 [“Understanding the Ukraine War”], I’m unsure whether the writer is trolling us or is a die-hard Putin apologist, but, readers should understand that he comes from a long line of tsarist and Soviet...

Guest columnist Julie Brand Asbornsen: A history of cutting away at city schools
06-27-2024 5:51 PM


 I’m writing as a 27-year resident of Northampton, a former writer for educational publishers and high school math teacher, the co-chair of the Leeds School Council from 2009 to 2011, and the parent of two kids, ages 20 and 22, who grew up in our...

Guest columnist Mariel E. Addis: Why I call myself female
06-27-2024 5:50 PM


 How can I, identified as male at birth, say I am female? It is a good question and all I can say is it is the way I see myself, but it is not some made-up feeling, nor is it because I couldn’t hack it in the male world.From what I have read on gender...

Norman Spencer: Identify Poison Ivy
06-27-2024 5:46 PM

The Gazette’s June 26 edition has a useful Associated Press article about recognizing and removing poison ivy plants. I offer some helpful detail for identifying the plant. Hold your hands forward, palms up. Separate your thumbs from the other...

Roger James Jourdain: Trash left on roadside?
06-27-2024 5:46 PM

I was perturbed when I found the 2024-25 pricing for a Northampton Transfer Station permits is $75 for the first one which is a 66% increase over the $45 cost of a permit in 2023-24 and $75 for the second one which is a 75% increase over the $40 cost...

The Beat Goes On: Friends and fellow musicians reunite at the Iron Horse, an outdoor summer music series resumes in Hatfield, and more
06-27-2024 2:12 PM


When folk rockers Eavesdrop and singer-songwriter Grayson Ty come to the Iron Horse on June 28, the fellow Valley artists won’t just be sharing the bill: They’ll be celebrating a reunion of sorts, looking back to the night a little over eight years...

Letter: Legislature should pass medical aid in dying
06-26-2024 5:48 PM

I am seconding Jenny Hansell’s letter in support of medical aid in dying [”Choosing medical aid in dying,” Gazette, June 23]. The description of her friend’s illness and pursuit of medical assistance is heartbreaking. He lived in Colorado and, while...

A blooming movement: Pollinator gardens proliferate as homeowners, others look to create ecosystems on their properties
06-24-2024 5:36 PM


FLORENCE — Morey Phippen and Brian Adams’ yard looks nothing like the traditional blanket of green grass associated with suburban lawns.Instead, bumblebees and butterflies bob and weave around her destined for the nearby foxglove, pink primrose, red...

Tom Bassett: Multi-sport courts
06-24-2024 4:43 PM

I appreciated Eric Derman’s letter of June 13 that advocated that six new pickleball courts at Ellerbrook Field be designed compatible to play tennis and pickleball. I would propose going a step further to put the fundraising effort toward the goal of...

Columnist Richard Fein: Netanyahu addressing Congress would be an insult to America
06-23-2024 10:58 AM


The Congress of the United States has invited Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin ( Bibi) Netanyahu to speak to a joint session next month. Although the invitation was initiated by Republicans, the two top congressional Democrats, Senate Majority Leader...

Guest columnist Carrie Foley: Public school budgets force private choices
06-23-2024 10:57 AM


 I am one of hundreds of dedicated public school teachers in Northampton and one among many parents of teenagers living here. Three years ago, I found a small private school and removed my son from Northampton Public Schools.I have previously...

Stephen Gilson: School Committee at fault for financial problems
06-23-2024 10:56 AM

After creating a budget crisis by recklessly spending one-time money on recurring expenses, the Northampton School Committee is asking the city for a bail out by using its savings to prop up the school budget. But these savings are just another source...

Valley Bounty: From seed to vase: At Passalongs Farm and Florist in Florence, Adrienne Bashista grows and designs custom floral arrangements
06-21-2024 10:32 AM


“In a different life, I think I would have been an artist from the beginning,” says Adrienne Bashista, owner of Passalongs Farm and Florist. “I wasn’t forbidden from a career in art, it just didn’t occur to me. But now in my 50s, I’ve realized what I...

Don Ogden: No time for third party now
06-17-2024 6:04 PM

Olin Rose-Bardawil’s recent column “Americans want more than two choices” [Gazette, June 14], concerns something I have pondered many times in the past. I have supported third-party candidates, sometimes criticized by Democrats for my position. That...

Displaying articles 1 to 20 out of 185 total.

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