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Guest columnist Donald Joralemon: Death by a thousand cuts — When religious protections are hijacked by extremists
06-03-2024 4:09 PM


 The reliance of at least one Alabama Supreme Court Judge on biblical justification for the recent ruling on in vitro fertilization and the status of frozen embryos is yet another challenge to the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the...

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Frontier Regional School students appeal to lower voting age
04-27-2024 5:02 PM


When Sunderland residents head to their Annual Town Meeting on Friday, they’ll vote on the town’s budget, some bylaw changes and a citizen’s petition with a unique twist, as the residents who brought the article forward can’t actually vote on...

Streak of hardships plague valley farmers
03-17-2024 1:01 PM


Farming is already a tough field to make one’s living. Throw in three consecutive years of extreme weather and personal burnout and you’ve got a recipe for what is shaping up to another difficult year for valley farmers, as they prepare their fields...

Guest columnist Donald Joralemon: What’s wrong with the Alabama embryo decision
03-12-2024 5:26 PM


The recent Alabama Supreme Court decision that asserts embryos are children reflects a central misunderstanding about human reproduction. Fertilizing an ova initiates a biological process that can result in a successful pregnancy and birth, but more...

Bob Armstrong: Stop unnecessary new gas projects
02-14-2024 9:08 PM

The influential lobby group Mothers Out Front and our local FCCPR Climate Task Force are promoting legislative action required to permanently halt gas expansion of huge new pipelines in Massachusetts. This is a critical step in addressing the climate...

Grant Ingle: Beware glyphosate in plant-based foods
02-01-2024 4:50 PM

A recent front-page article, “Spicing up breakfast,” [Gazette, Jan. 23] explained how Smith College Dining Services is attempting to make 50% of breakfast and brunch offerings plant-based. While this effort is to be applauded, there is a downside to...

Guest columnist James A. Lomastro: Out of spotlight, border communities step up
01-22-2024 5:14 PM


The summer of 2023 brought many forced migrations to cities in the North and Northeast and created a “crisis.” Coverage of the border, particularly Eagle Pass in Texas, presented a chaotic situation. Even when the images were not chaotic,...

Grant Ingle: State Republicans out of touch
12-17-2023 1:07 PM

When I read the article “Couple co-chairs DeSantis campaign,” [Gazette, Dec. 7] I thought at first it was a parody. Jay Fleitman called DeSantis “principled, effective [and] incredibly intelligent” and claimed that DeSantis is a “nice guy — someone...

Sia Stewart: Column on Main Street redesign ‘enlightening’
11-20-2023 6:30 PM

Thank you for the enlightening piece by Eric Winkler detailing the proposed redesign for Northampton’s Main Street (“Main Street redo a win for climate,” Gazette, Nov. 7). He addressed questions that wouldn’t even have occurred to me and answered them...

Blais, Comerford launch bills to establish disaster relief fund
11-14-2023 6:07 PM


With towns across Massachusetts suffering millions of dollars worth of damages from torrential rainstorms throughout the summer, local legislators Rep. Natalie Blais and Sen. Jo Comerford have introduced legislation that could take some of the...

Adina Gianneli: Community college employees deserve a living wage
11-10-2023 1:15 PM

My grandfather, a first generation American and U.S. military veteran, attended community college, care of the GI Bill. While six children and three jobs meant he was not able to complete his education, he believed ardently in public education and...

Sia Steward: City should adopt new stretch code
09-06-2023 4:56 PM

I applaud the creative provisions of the new Opt-In Specialized Stretch Code and sincerely hope that Northampton votes to adopt it.Denise Lello and Adele Franks point out that the new code has only a few changes from the existing stretch code that the...

MEMA declines to pursue federal disaster declaration for region
08-30-2023 4:43 PM


Following three torrential downpours that wiped out roads in Conway and Deerfield in July, the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency has declined to seek a federal disaster declaration because the monetary damages don’t meet the federal...

New mouthguards fitted for Frontier student-athletes ahead of fall season
08-17-2023 5:19 PM


SOUTH DEERFIELD – It’s an annual tradition for many student-athletes and parents: scrambling to buy a mouthguard before the season begins, boiling it and ending up with one that might not fit so well.Treehouse Orthodontics opted to help students and...

In visit in wake of flooding, Markey talks of prepping farmers for changing climate
08-03-2023 11:56 AM


CONWAY — As farms around the region determine their plans going forward following unprecedented rainstorms, U.S. Sen. Ed Markey and several other state and federal partners used a Wednesday visit to Deerfield and Conway to emphasize the opportunity in...

Sia Stewart: Responding to climate change must be a top priority
07-30-2023 8:00 PM

Phil Korman, Claire Morenon and Margaret Christie spell out very clearly the losses farmers are sustaining from this summer’s extreme weather [“Farms, floods, and climate change,” Recorder, July 25]. Amid the details of the heartbreaking damage and...

Beth Girsham: Calling drag misogyny ‘misguided’
05-08-2023 3:20 PM

In response to J.M. Sorrell’s opinion piece [“Misogyny as entertainment and entitlement,” Gazette, May 3], I moved to the Valley in 1973, and participated in the “rich and unique history,” as one of many proud feminist activists in the area. As a...

Fallen tree destroys raptor enclosures, kills owls in Conway
02-23-2023 11:02 AM


CONWAY — Even those who are driven to help others sometimes need help. Just ask raptor rehabilitator Tom Ricardi, whose bird enclosures were recently ravaged by a fallen pine tree. According to Ricardi, the tree tore through one of the property’s...

Energy committees to work with Frontier to curb fossil fuel usage
02-20-2023 12:31 PM


SOUTH DEERFIELD — In hopes of reducing Frontier Regional School’s reliance on fossil fuels, the Deerfield Energy Committee plans to rally its counterparts to work with the school on green planning.Two representatives of Deerfield’s Energy Committee...

Cynthia Lawton-Singer: Checks and balances at stake in SCOTUS case
01-23-2023 5:22 PM

The Moore v. Harper case before the Supreme Court could protect or destroy checks and balances. I want my daughter and her generation to come into their adulthood in a country where their votes cannot be extinguished by extremist state legislatures...

Eco-grief support group in Conway to address climate anxiety
01-09-2023 10:13 PM


CONWAY — In an effort to help people process their anxiety over the environment and climate change, a Conway artist is forming an eco-grief support group.Hannah Harvester’s weekly community support group is designed to help people process their...

Displaying articles 1 to 20 out of 23 total.

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