Guest column: A Kentuckian looks at the new administration


Published: 5/21/2021 6:08:44 PM


I don’t know the exact level of division in the country or here in Eastern Kentucky, but I know that it is deep. The dividing lines are not clear, so I will call them “left” and “right.” I don’t like categorizing us this way, but if I am going to try to explain my area’s reaction to the election of Joe Biden, I can’t think of another way. “Left” means generally agreeing with the Democrat party ideology, and “right” means generally agreeing with the Republican party ideology.

If our country is in fact divided, then I would say that Eastern Kentucky may be slightly more “right” leaning than the rest of the country but not much. I have visited many other places in the America and some places in other parts of the world, and I don’t see humans as different as one might think even though our cultures and appearances are quite different.

I think most humans generally want the same things on a basic level. We all want a safe, nurturing world for ourselves and future generations. We seem to have wildly varying perspectives on what that should look like, on what our current condition is, on what our condition should be like, and on how to get from where we are to where we would like to be.

Since I cannot really speak for my region, I can only say what my reaction to the new Biden administration is. I assume that where I live around half the people would agree with me and half would disagree. This assumption is based on the common conversations that I am involved in and ones that I hear around me. I am fairly certain that I am every bit as unhappy about the election of Joe Biden as the people who don’t like Trump were by his election in 2016. To be specific,I probably disagree with close to 100 percent of the things that the Biden administration wants to do in this country.

I am not in favor of larger and more restrictive federal government, and that is what I believe this administration is in favor of. I believe Biden and his family are corrupt in dealings with Russia and Ukraine and especially China. I believe that Biden wants aggressive gun control, unreasonably open borders, government-funded abortions, and a much more restrictive government overall. I oppose all of these things. I believe that our country’s spending is out of control, and that is a path to ruin for the future generations of this country and in fact the world.

I inherently distrust anyone who has been in politics for as many years as Joe Biden has, and if he had the answers to our problems then why haven’t 50 years of his sort of solutions fixed anything? In spite of all that I disagree with him on, I am willing to give him a chance and give him my prayers. I don’t like much of what I believe Biden stands for, but I don’t hate him as a human. I cannot honestly say that I respect him as a man, but I do acknowledge that he holds the office of the presidency. I cannot say that I believe the election to have been fair and honest given all the corona virus election rule changes, big tech manipulation, and gross media dishonesty. I can say that Joe Biden is currently the president of the United States.

The last few elections and the vitriol that has come with them shows the level of division in our country. I don’t believe that we can survive as a nation with this much division. I really don’t see Joe Biden or any of his recent predecessors as the real problem but all of them as symptoms of a much deeper spiritual and moral problem in this country. These are the problems that will need to be identified and addressed in order for the nation to survive.

I believe that we need to start having honest conversations with accurate information, without labeling and judging each other every time we disagree. All of us need to realize that we are not right about every opinion we that we hold and to stop condemning anyone who disagrees with us.

I don’t see Joe Biden or his party doing anything to unite us, and I believe that we will go further in the wrong direction under his leadership. I expect that just because of my opinions I will be labeled by many as a racist, a white supremacist or a number of other derogatory names. I know that I am not any of these things. Anyone who knows me also knows that I am not these things.

For now Biden is the president. This division regarding his legitimacy,in my opinion, is a worse problem than who the president is. We are all humans, and that is more important than the dividing factors that are currently being pushed on us from many sides. Will a Biden administration unite us? Time will tell. Whether I believe in him or not I really hope that he turns out to be good for the country.

Kentucky-born Mike Gover, like his father, made his living from the coal industry. He has served 17 years in administrative levels in local government. He raised four sons in Whitesburg, and has volunteered and mentored at Oneida Baptist Institute, a boarding school, for the last six years.

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