John Sinton: Divisiveness

Published: 11/25/2021 11:37:42 AM
Modified: 11/25/2021 11:37:26 AM

Oh, what a sorry state of affairs the Northampton Arts Council has left us with. Really, the council should be embarrassed with their apologies and demands and bickering.

I am an old white man, a Jew, and a writer and lover of this place. I used to be considered liberal, but old people have become outside of classification, so I leave it to you to define me. You’re welcome to imagine my background, but I’m accustomed to being dismissed as an old white man. Nothing personal, I know.

One thing I do have is experience and observations of American society over the past eight decades. I’ve never seen anything as divisive as our current situation, and the Northampton Arts Council is doing its best to advance that divisiveness.

Since the council seems to be defending their various turfs (don’t bother with the next round of apologies), let me suggest they either disband or create some new Northampton Arts Councils, such as the following which we will call “Affinity Arts Councils:” BIPOC Women Art, BIPOC Queer Art, BIPOC Men Art, White Queer Art, White Women Art, White Men Art, Other Art. (Further Affinity Arts Councils are welcome.) All seven of these Affinity Arts Councils will choose their own members and judges from among their affinity groups.

The only rule is that no group may co-opt the cultural heritage of any other group. In creating these Affinity Arts Councils, you will have succeeded in obliterating any community artistic ties that bind this community together.

John Sinton


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