Food writer Lucy Pickett is white on rice for a new way to use cauliflower

  • Valery Voennyy

Friday, April 13, 2018

Like white on rice. I’m like white on rice for my new favorite healthy thing, cauliflower rice.

I know it’s been around for a while, like zucchini noodles which I am also like white on rice about. I have seen cauliflower rice recipes and have seen it packaged up at the grocery store for an exorbitant price but I have never actually tried it.

I got it in my head to eat healthy and light this past week after a pasta extravaganza at Lou’s house. But I will let him tell that story next week if he wishes, since he was the host. Just let me say his new kitchen is very fattening.

Well, anyway, I got a head of cauliflower and shredded it up to a rice-like consistency with my box grater. I simply sautéed it in a small amount of avocado oil and a splash of water when it started to brown a little too much. I didin’t overcook it so it was still slightly firm.

Then I used it to go under a curried chicken and veggie thing I had whipped up. After I ate it I felt positively virtuous saving all those calories the rice would add. And it was very filling like rice might be if you ate a lot, which you can when it is cauliflower rice.

I thought how cauliflower could be parlayed into almost any dish that includes rice. And if you are like white on rice for brown rice you could always cook it til it gets more color.

Also cauliflower being white like rice would do well with some colorful vegetables near it or on it.


I was at Trader Joe’s Thursday and they had a freezer full of cauliflower rice. I didn’t get any because, call me crazy, but I thought cauliflower was a vegetable and rice was a grain.

If I want to eat healthy, I’ll make pasta Alfredo using pureed cauliflower in chicken stock. Thickens up just like that heavy cream stuff called ... heavy cream.