Valley Views: Oldfield toadflax

Published: 8/25/2018 8:26:39 AM

Oldfield toadflax

Route 9, Belchertown,

Photograph and text by Georgette deFriesse, Belchertown

Every day I passed these little beauties, Oldfield toadflax, growing in small groups along part of the path I walk with my dogs. Each time I would think, “I should photograph them.” Weeks went by and I thought about how I would set up the photo, settling on using a black backdrop. When the forecast began to hint at very hot weather coming, I finally decided it was now or never. I headed out early in the morning, only to find that the black backdrop that seemed like a good idea in theory proved to not work at all once I began to make photos. A closeup portrait of the blossoms did a much better job of capturing these tiny gems.

Curiously, all the small groups of toadflax have come up where the landowners sprayed very heavily with herbicide last year. Perhaps they had always been there mixed in with the tall grasses that used to grow in those spots, but now they are the only plants coming back. I used a tripod-mounted DSLR with a macro lens.

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