Valley Views: Nodding Trillium in Belchertown

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Friday, May 25, 2018

Nodding trillium

Route 9, Belchertown

Photo and text by Georgette deFriesse, Belchertown

The path where I walk my dogs delights me every spring with a sprinkling of nodding trilliums. All through the years, I’ve tried to capture an image of the flower, which hangs below the leaves. These low-growing spring ephemerals happen to share the same space as another native plant, poison ivy. Despite year after year of lying in poison ivy, I never liked the resulting image. Finally this year, one trillium emerged right at the edge of the path where I could lie on dirt. It was tall enough for me to use a tripod and still find a clear view of the flower. The plant was in deep shade and there was a strong breeze, so I used a small LED flashlight to add light, allowing me to choose a faster shutter speed. It was made using a tripod-mounted DSLR camera with a macro lens.

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