Valley Views: Milkweed Pod Explosion, Montague


Friday, December 01, 2017

Milkweed Pod Explosion

Route 47, Montague

Photograph and text by Jeffrey Pilger, Haydenville

Mid October is the time of year when explosions of milkweed can be seen everywhere. Once in a while, the light is in the right place to allow one to photograph it in all its splendor.

On an afternoon while I was traveling through Montague, the sun was setting and the hair and seeds were illuminated from behind. Milkweed leaves, of course, are the sole food source for monarch butterfly larvae. But the lives of many other arthropods are linked to the plant. On that windy day, the seeds were blown near and far to continue the life cycle. It was a sight worth a pause in one's travels.

Created with a DSLR and a super-telephoto lens.

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