William Brezinski: All need to share costs of ‘American way of life’

  • mactrunk

Tuesday, May 15, 2018
All need to share costs of ‘American way of life’

The comments on a new school in Easthampton have been wide-ranging but fail to address a past history of Massachusetts taxes.

Schools are funded by property taxes and everyone pays taxes — right? The same taxes are not paid by everyone due to tax rebates, tax differentials, lower tax rates for some businesses and tax disparities between cities and towns in the state.

Politicians tell us we all need, and are getting, huge tax cuts. The question we should ask these politicians is: “What are you taking from me to receive these tax cuts?” The answer is simple. To start with, we are not getting funding for schools, supplies, adequate teaching staff, and shared responsibility.

Tax cuts are not for working people or for the poor. With tax cuts we all pay more in state fees, more in tolls, more to use state parks and facilities, more in auto inspections and auto excise taxes, and we pay more for products because businesses feel the consumer now has more money to spend.

At one time, Massachusetts shared the cost of education among all the cities and towns. Wealthier communities contributed to a fund of money for all to share. It was all of Massachusetts helping all of Massachusetts. Then the politicians felt that saving money for the wealthier communities was better than helping the poorer communities. Privatization of services, and the use of state and federal money to fund these private entities, placed a further burden on the needs of the people.

To prepare our students for the world, we need modern and up-to-date schools. We need to educate all the children we have. We need to share costs of the “American way of life” among all of our citizens.

William Brezinski