A. Bruce Whittier: Concerned about teachers telling us how to think

Published: 2/22/2020 12:25:29 PM

Teaching how? Or telling one how to think! How should a parent of a child in any school today feel about the possibility of their child’s teacher influencing that child’s political beliefs?

A commonsense world would suggest that if teachers keep their political beliefs all to themselves there should be no problems at all. However, when any teacher takes this opportunity of teaching our children to expound upon their own personal political persuasion, well, perhaps it might be something construed as being wrong. Perhaps horribly wrong!

Can you even imagine being a child completely afraid of offering any differing point of view in rebuttal of a teacher’s political opinions, especially when that teacher is capable of determining that student’s very future by any grade influenced by an opposing ideology?

This attitude of teaching the kids of today only what to think, instead of how to think, has had far-too-lengthy a run. I feel a scenario like this is exactly what’s occurred over the last half-century. Perhaps explaining why the politics of our country has evolved to a point where socialism is more than just a political ideology gradually creeping into our culture. Instead, it’s actually here and beginning to take a foothold!

A recent example of this potential frightening teaching scenario was provided in a Feb. 8 Gazette column by Joe Gannon. A quote from the final paragraph of the column went like this: “Let’s stay informed and on top of the issues, but let us please all agree, we all already know who we are voting for: whoever’s name is next to that ‘D’ in November.”

Isn’t this a clear example of us being told what to think, not how to think? Yes, this gentleman is a teacher and an author? And I certainly hope more open-minded when dealing with his students.

I suppose the good news is Mr. Gannon doesn’t hide his thoughts. I appreciate, as well as respect anyone who’s not reticent about expressing their First Amendment right.

 A. Bruce Whittier


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