Peter Weitzman: Getting out of the echo chamber

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Published: 2/18/2019 8:38:23 AM

There have been numerous letters and opinion pieces in the Gazette recently discussing the role of conservative commentary in our paper, and perhaps the lack thereof. I have been frustrated by the quality of the commentary and have a few suggestions/questions: Most of us tend to “silo” ourselves in our consumption of news, listening and reading in an echo chamber. Having opposing or different voices would certainly help build bridges, but a requirement, at least for me, is intellectual vigor and a lack of hypocrisy.

In that spirit, I would like to see a column from a conservative voice addressing certain issues and questions. For example: Why was the deficit THE biggest national crisis during a recession, when deficit spending is necessary to boost the economy, and now, during a robust economy, with Republican leadership, it is of zero concern? Why was there such an outcry about executive overreach during the Obama years, particularly in crafting policy regarding the climate crisis and the health care crisis, and there is no such outcry over the declaration of emergency to build a border wall to address an immigration “crisis”?

Do Republicans accept scientific consensus that we are in a dire climate emergency? Do Republicans share concern over the collapse of the insect population, and do those concerns about the environment rise to the level over the concern, and subsequent endless hearings on the Benghazi “crisis”? I for one search out commentary that makes me broaden and question my assumptions. I respect conservative writers that challenge me in this way. I don’t respect hypocrisy and intellectual dishonesty.

Peter Weitzman

Daily Hampshire Gazette Office

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